Home Entertainment Coldplay surprises Mexican boy who cried after receiving concert tickets

Coldplay surprises Mexican boy who cried after receiving concert tickets

Niño mexicano llora al recibir boletos para concierto de Coldplay

Coldplay reacts to the video of the boy who bursts into tears after receiving Christmas gift cards to watch the British band go to the concert.

MEXICO.- A child who couldn’t hold back tears after receipt as a Christmas present Coldplay concert tickets in Mexico City, it triggered the reactions of several Internet users, who said they were very moved by the child’s reaction.

But nobody would imagine that Video in which the emotional reaction of the Mexican child It would also evoke tenderness among the members of the British band, who surprised the minor with a surprise great gift.

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Coldplay turns the Mexican boy into a VIP guest who cried after receiving his tickets

It was through a Video from TikTok that a user showed at the moment their nephew as Christmas gift tickets to see Coldplay In April, the child’s tears after receiving the special gift The fact that his parents gave it immediately generated the comments of several users.

However, the recording spread across other social networks until it went viral. It is exactly like that foreign grouping via Twitter saw the video.

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They gave him tickets to Coldplay 😱😭❤️ # Cold game #tickets #Reaction #Concert #fyp #foryoupage

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But the gang led by Chris Martin Not only did he help increase the number of reproductions, but he also left a comment telling the little one that I would be a VIP guest the show the group will be doing in CDMX.

“That made me so happy. Come with your family as my VIP guests. Send a direct message to the band and we will fix it, ”was the comment from the official Coldplay account, which can be read in the publication of the uncle of the Mexican boy who was crying.

Coldplay Surprises Mexican Boy Who Cried After Receiving Concert Tickets - Light Home News

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Mexican boy learns that Coldplay makes him a special guest

After I announced that Coldplay invited the Mexican boy and his whole family to VIP area after the moving reaction he had when he as. received Christmas gift Coldplay concert tickets.

It was reported that the message posted in the viral post was received from the Coldplay co-manager Phil Harvey who was touched to see the child’s tears of joy. Yet, the child despite virusization He was aware of that fact, and not even of the band’s gesture towards him.

Because of this, at the request of TikTok users, the boy’s aunt shared a new video showing her reaction by telling him so will attend the concert as a VIP guest. This shot unleashed the commentaries, because in the clip you can see the child kneeling down while listening to the news and covering his eyes with his hands as a sign of great astonishment at such an event.

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Coldplay concert dates in Mexico

Coldplay performs in Mexico City the next 3rd-4th April 2022. While the shows are on Monterrey takes place on March 25th and 26th and in Guadalajara the British band will perform on March 29th.

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