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Coen brothers drama

Macbeth, perhaps William Shakespeare’s most monstrous masterpiece, achieved a small “miracle”: artistically dividing the Coen brothersJoel and Ethanwriters of cult films like Fargo, The Big Lebowski or This is not a country of the weak,

the director joel coensLike Shakespeare’s play, the film has the driving force of a woman and not just any woman, but a three-time Oscar winner Francis McDormandwho in 2016 asked her husband and the director to consider directing her in the role of lady macbeth,

He said this in an interview Los Angeles Times the director himself, who then outlined that his wish make a movie without your brother was born after his last job, The Ballad of Buster ScruggsFrom 2018.

Ethan and Joel Coen filmed a lot together: "Fargo", "Simply Blood" or "The Big Lebowski".

Ethan and Joel Coen filmed a lot together: “Fargo”, “Simply Blood” or “The Big Lebowski”.

Joel with his wife

“I knew then,” he said, “that I was going to direct the next film alone. If I had worked with Ethan, I certainly would have I would not have done MacbethBecause it wouldn’t be interesting to him…”

The film was released last January Apple TV. It was said that it was “a daring leap forward with a look at Joel’s classic cinema, unimaginable to those who had been nurtured with his most ideal films.”

Frances McDormand filmed "Macbeth" under the direction of her husband Joel Cohen.  Reuters Photo

Frances McDormand filmed “Macbeth” under the direction of her husband Joel Cohen. Reuters Photo

Coen’s debut solo was described as, “the beauty and formal care that leads us into the wonderful dream-nightmare of this play, an ideal of the desire for power without limits”.

Now it’s good old Ethan’s turn who, as announced, is going to direct (soloist) a road movie-Still no title Also in family plan with co-author’s credit Tricia CookHis wife, who had so far appeared in Koons’ films with the fine print: “Editor”.

Ethan, also with his wife

This Coen’s movie is about a lesbian girl Traveling from Philadelphia to Miami with his girlfriend. Along the way, things typical of the Coen pair happen: they get a severed head, they find a jilted ex-girlfriend and they find a suspicious briefcase that may belong to a treacherous senator.

The couple wrote the screenplay more than 20 years ago. The plans then included Joel in the role of “director” and Ethan in the role of “producer”.

The project was archived and will now come to light with Ethan in charge of almost everything. accordingly cinematicThe film by Coen and Cook is “a street film starring homosexuals whose main reference is to … Russ Meyer, perfect, famous director Exploitation In the ’70s, with hundreds of films featuring low budget, sexuality and humor Camp,

Ethan and Joel Coen, directors and producers of their films.

Ethan and Joel Coen, directors and producers of their films.

Coen and Cook’s project is part of the theme of “sexual comedy” and, while trying to define it nearly 20 years earlier, Ethan himself remarked that the plot “characterized a sensibility. exploit, take unfair advantageBut with great innocence.

Sexual Exploitation It is a cinematographic genre that largely serves as a medium for the exhibition of non-explicit sexual situations and unnecessary nudity. movies of Our coca sardines can fall into this tender category,

Liberty LeBlanc During the 1980s, especially with the advent of democracy, another of a genre that declined rapidly was cultist. By the early 1990s, it was already an extinct species.


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