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Cobra Kai: will there be season 6 of the series on Netflix?

Will there be season 6 of ‘Cobra Kai’? When will the release date be? The Netflix series continues to be successful, which is why its fans question whether there will be a new season of the sequel to ‘Karate Kid’ and its fifth season has positioned itself among the best.

Will there be season 6 of ‘Cobra Kai’? When will the release date be? They are the doubts that arose, after the fifth season left

‘Cobra Kai’ pays tribute to Jeff Kay in fifth season; who was he and his relationship with the series

Will there be season six of the Cobra Kai series?

So far it has not been officially confirmed if there will be season 6 of ‘Cobra Kai’. However, everything points to the production of Netflix being a fact. That is, at the moment there is no release date. Although some point out that it will be until the summer of 2023 when it opens.

What was seen in the fifth season?

Many are waiting to see what will happen in the new installment of Cobra Kai after Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s dojos lost to Cobra Kai in the Valley tournament in season four.

As if that were not enough, Miguel decided to leave his home to go to Mexico and look for his father, whom he does not know and is willing to make a long trip to face him and find out about him.

Due to these problems that were unleashed at the end of the fourth season, everything indicates that in the fifth part Johnny will go looking for Miguel to take him back to his mother. And from what we have seen in the trailer, Robby, Johnny’s son, will accompany him to look for Miguel.

For his part, Daniel LaRusso will not give up and wants to beat the Cobra Kai in the next tournament, who are now commanded by Terry Silver after he sent John Kreese to jail. In order to defeat his enemies, Daniel will join forces with an old friend, Chozen Toguchi, who will also be one of LaRusso’s student senseis.


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