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‘Cobra Kai’ pays tribute to Jeff Kay in fifth season; who was he and his relationship with the series

The fifth season of cobra kai surprised the public with intricate plot twists, shocking fights and unexpected appearances, such as that of the Puerto Rican actor Luis Roberto Guzman, known for his career in Mexican soap operas. Another detail that caught the attention of the fans was the in memoriam dedicated to one of the members of the successful production.

In one of its first episodes, the series paid tribute to Jeff Kay, who passed away last year. Here we tell you who he was and what his relationship was with Cobra Kai, the spin-off of the successful film saga of Karate Kid.

Luis Roberto Guzmán surprises by joining the cast of ‘Cobra Kai 5’; this is his character

If you have already had the opportunity to enjoy the first episodes of the new installment, you have surely noticed a message addressed to Jeff Kay that appeared at the end of the third chapter titled Skeleton.

Who was Jeff Kay and why ‘Cobra Kai’ dedicated a chapter of the series to him

The fifth season was recorded in Atlanta during the second half of last year, from September to December. Halfway through filming, the series crew faced a period of mourning after the sudden death of Jeff Kay, who was the assistant director at Cobra Kai.

Jeff Kay He died on October 17, 2021 due to a heart attack. She was 56 years old. Throughout his career he served as production manager and assistant director in outstanding film and television projects.

Among the productions in which he worked are number3rs, Powder, Courage Under Fire, Gettysburg Y American Housewifein the latter he collaborated alongside DIedrich Bader and Meg Donnelly.

What is ‘Cobra Kai 5’ about?

Many are waiting to see what will happen in the new installment of Cobra Kai after Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence’s dojos lost to Cobra Kai in the Valley tournament in season four.

But LaRusso will not give up and wants to beat the Cobra Kai in the next tournament, who are now commanded by Terry Silver after he sent John Kreese to jail.


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