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Thursday, July 7, 2022

‘Cobra Kai’ Cast Really Wants Hilary Swank to Guest Star (Exclusive)

during PaleyFest LA 2022, where cobra moss Hosted a special screening and Q&A at the Dolby Theater, the cast including Ralph Macchio and William Zabka opened up to ET’s Will Marfuggi about Season 5, the dream guest star and the one man everyone wants to appear in the upcoming season karate boy Franchise Spinoff Series: Hilary Swank.

In 1994, Swank took over the franchise as Julie Pierce. next karate kid, which turned out to be the fourth and final film. While the film did not cast Macchio as Daniel La Russo, Swank appeared opposite Pat Morita in his final appearance as Mr. Miyagi.

Assume cobra moss Yuji Okumoto as Chozen, Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry Silver, Tamlin Tomita as Kumiko, John Craze as Martin Cove, Elizabeth Shue as Ali Mills, and other originals from the first three films. has brought the stars back, it’s only fitting as the Netflix series continues in Season 5 (and possibly beyond) that Swank ties back into the Miyagi universe.

“How could she not be on that list? She is in canon,” says Zabka, who has reprized his role as Johnny Lawrence throughout the series, while Tanner Buchanan, who plays their son, Robbie Keene, says. are, say, “I’d love it.”

“We always say this: anyone who is in Miyagi-verse, which means that anyone who knows Mr. Miyagi, it makes sense in our storytelling,” Macchio says, implying that it means That any artist is welcome, it is up to the author to understand it. “It’s whether the writing staff can figure out a way for these moments to be organic.”

He says that when the previous stars came back, it was always “to move the story forward and inform these characters.”

Mary Mauser, who plays Samantha LaRusso, says, “She has done a great job of understanding everyone who comes back into the world at the right time and in the right way.” “So if it happens, I think it will be right when it should be.”

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Meanwhile, Mauser offered up the guest star of his own dreams: Andrew Garfield, a self-proclaimed fan of the series. “I feel like, you know, maybe Samantha has some distant, older cousin or something that knows karate,” she says, in a way she might be invited to the show.

Meanwhile, Buchanan shared that his That is all Co-star, Addison Rae, has expressed interest in appearing. “She mentioned that she might be on the show,” he says, though not confirming that she’s going to pop up in Season 5, which has already finished filming. “Although there are always surprises.”

Speaking of Season 5, Buchanan teases what he has in store for Robbie, whose loyalty may be on hold. “He is facing a teenage crisis,” shares the actor. “He doesn’t know what’s wrong or what’s right. He’s finally trying to figure out his life.”

As for Johnny, Zabka says, “he has to figure out what to do with Miguel”. [Xolo Maridueña] And how to improve with that. He doesn’t know what he did. He doesn’t know what he said.”

Of course, both she and Daniel are upset by the fact that they can’t teach their dojos. “As the season opens,” Macchio says of things going forward, Okumoto has been “quite exciting.”

The actor said that season 5 will also deal with “what’s going on with Miguel and where is he”. And then you have all of our teenage triangle love affairs.”

There’s also a bad deal to deal with, and that’s Terry, who hasn’t wreaked havoc. “He did what he had to do to keep the dream alive and he’s going to take over the world,” says Griffith.

No matter what, season 5 definitely does cobra moss What it does best is takes you on twists and turns. And when you feel like you’re going in one direction, you’re going in the other direction,” says Mauser, adding that the team has taken the martial arts “to the next level.”

Echoing that sentiment is Gianni DeCanzo, who plays Demetri Alexopoulos. “It’s going to be worth the wait,” he says of the fight scenes. “It’s going to be awesome.”


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