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Cobra Kai 4 arrives, all that is known

Cobra Kai 4 arrives, all that is known

A little over a month after premiere of the fourth season of Cobra Kai for Netflix, there are beginning to be concrete indications of how the adventures of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, the characters we met in the ’80s in the movies of karate Kid.

December 31 is the key date so that Ralph Macchio, William Zabka and the cast can once again play to be complementary, not so different enemies. For fans it will be the best way to have a happy New Year. Although there is a detail: in an interview with the magazine Empire, Macchio confirmed what was feared: this fourth season will rescue the “best elements” of Karate Kid III: The Final Challenge.

What was the Karate Kid III like

The 1989 film has just a 13 percent approval rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site by critics, and 34 percent by the general public. Too it was a commercial failure: It raised just under $ 39 million worldwide, little compared to 115 million in the second and 91 million in the first.

Thomas Ian Griffith With Ralph Macchio (Daniel) In &Quot;Karate Kid Iii&Quot; (Capture Tv).

Thomas Ian Griffith with Ralph Macchio (Daniel) in “Karate Kid III” (Capture TV).

Karate kid iii, directed by John G. Avildsen, was Macchio’s last participation in the film franchise. In that story, Sensei John Kreese (Kove) loses all of his students to their abusive behavior in the previous tournament.

Ostracized and bankrupt, Kreese was visiting Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), his comrade from the Vietnam War, who is now a billionaire businessman dedicated to the disposal of toxic waste and, like Kreese, a violent fighter. The duo plan to get revenge on Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), and reestablish Cobra Kai.

What will happen in season 4

In this fourth season of Cobra Kai, the villain Kreese promises to bend forces against the good and will not hesitate to seek reinforcements in what promises to be Terry’s triumphant return, founder of Cobra Kai.

It was already seen in Cobra Kai in flashbacks, as a young man played by Nick Marini. “There is another angle to Terry Silver. When you invoke those stories and dive into the gray areas, the universe and the story expand. This is the opportunity to take something that didn’t work and try to juice it. Can you juice it? has done. The fourth season is the next level, “declared Macchio confidently.

Thomas Ian Griffith, Founder Of Cobra Kai, But On The Side Of The Villains.  Photo: Columbia Pictures

Thomas Ian Griffith, founder of Cobra Kai, but on the side of the villains. Photo: Columbia Pictures

All Netflix officially says is the following: “On December 31, the battle for the soul of the Valley reawakens. New alliances. Higher stakes than ever. Who will take it all in the All Valley Tournament? “

The career of Thomas Ian Griffith

Thomas is 58 years old. He is an actor and martial artist. In 1996 he starred in the film Hollow point alongside Tia Carrere, as DEA agent Max Parish. The actor also appeared in the film Vampires, by John Carpenter (1998), as the main vampire Jan Valek. A year later, in 1999, he starred for television Secret of Giving, with Reba McEntire.

Thomas Ian Griffith, The Actor From &Quot;Karate Kid 3&Quot; Who Played Terry Silver (Capture Tv)

Thomas Ian Griffith, the actor from “Karate Kid 3” who played Terry Silver (Capture TV)

Dedicated to the role of producer then, in recent years his presence on the screen was intermittent. His last film was in 2005, when he played Captain Jeffery Thorpe in The Pirate’s Curse. He was also in series like Cold case, The Closer and One Tree Hill.

Born on March 18, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut, United States, he has two children and published a book in 1993, Excessive Force.

The reappearance of Thomas would be a coup just as it happened in season 3 with Elisabeth Shue: his character, Ali, ex-girlfriend of Daniel LaRusso (Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (Zabka), entered the story for a while to confuse even more to spectators and protagonists. The 57-year-old actress proved that time did not pass for her. AND the rage for that love triangle, either.

Ralph Macchio, Elisabeth Sue And William Zabka, In Cobra Kai Season 3

Ralph Macchio, Elisabeth Sue and William Zabka, in Cobra Kai season 3

Throughout the series, other actors from the films were added karate Kid, like Yuji Okumoto and Tamilyn Tomita, who burst into season 3 playing Chozen and Kumiko, as their characters were called in the sequel set in Okinawa. The past mixed with the present is a resource that Netflix is ​​working for.


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