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Claudia Cardinale, the Italian myth that protests and the drama that turned into battle

There was a time when Italian cinema was a powerhouse in the art of creating female mythology and exporting those faces to Mars. Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani, Monica Vitti were some immortal celluloid nymphs, But there is another, who was on her way to becoming a teacher in her native Tunisia, when an Italian’s nose took away that sweetness from teaching.

“Let’s make it this way made in Italy“, someone thought when he saw those petroleum eyes win at a Tunisian beauty pageant. Thus, he was born artistically “The Cardinal”.

She had an embroidered sash on her torso, a Miss Title and Visit to Venice Festival as a Prize, Everything vertically, as if typed by magic, almost a story. In the city built on the water, African Claudia Cardinale, a minor, sometimes wore her typical barbarian tunic and sometimes a bikini.

The paparazzi shot it for sleeping. “It was Pazesco[crazy],” she recalls, who, upon returning from that “Safari,” vowed that she would never make movies again. Journalists then nicknamed him “The Girl Who Didn’t Want To Make Movies”.

Such a successful creation in the style of Spaghetti and Vespa is a hidden treasure at the age of 83. She quietly establishes a foundation for women’s rights and for migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean. In the age of #MeToo, it drags the old pain into a flag.

Claudia Cardinale File

It hasn’t been retired, although it seems to be on this side of the ocean. His appearances as a star after more than 150 films have almost no distribution in these latitudes, but these days we can see him showing off on Netflix. His lines of expression are never interfered with by a scalpel: action on All roads lead to Rome, By Ella Lemhagen with Sarah Jessica Parker.

with some clues in Argentina, from bugle We started the search in Italy. piano-piano Finally We find her in France, where she lives, It is his daughter, Claudia Squitieri, who is the bridge to reply via WhatsApp. He tells us that this myth lives between Paris and the Foresta de Fontainebleau, a forest located just 60 kilometers from the Eiffel Tower, which His life is “quiet” and “absolutely happy”.,

a generation called Claudia for her, In the sixties and seventies the world was at his feet. She could sneeze and make news, she met Pope Paul VI in a miniskirt and shocked the Vatican, or she traveled to the United States and met Vice President Hubert H. He was greeted among the jewels presented by Humphrey. “Is A donna so volcano, like Vesuvius that destroyed PompeiiCritics described it, while Hollywood disputed it with Cinecita Studios.

Behind the sharp turn of a smile, the silence of a survivor, the scales he had grown to hide Hell: A rape, leading to a son, whom he posed as his younger brother.

“I will not give my story to the cinema. It is a personal matter”Be warned now what still hurts.

Famous Couple Claudia Cardinale

a drama that turned into a fight

The daughter of a Sicilian railway employee and a housewife, who ended up with her in her first phase as a star, Piccola Claudia quickly got used to multiculturalism. In his house in La Goleta, in Tunis, French and Sicilian were spoken, English was studied at school, while in the neighborhood the music of the neighbors, Russian, Greek, Maltese, was played.

The first participation in the cinema came from the hand of mario monicelliin 1958 (I Soliti Ignoti or The Forever Strangers) The crazy series of jobs almost inspired him to make the film Thirty movies in six years Yes moving country. By then he was already taking a difficult test which he had hidden for seven years.

“Visconti wanted me to be brunette, Fellini blonde, one gave me wings, the other didn’t let me keep the script, the dialogues were mine”Celebrates the one who wrote such memorable chapters of cinema.

it was a museum 8½, With Marcello Mastroianni by Federico Fellini, 1800 in. was a woman Gatopardoby Luchino Visconti, was filming the iconic Molly in the Amazon called by Werner Herzog (fitzcarraldo, “Hollywood wanted me there, but it wasn’t my world. I felt European. Away from the dazzling lights of Hollywood,” she admits.

Claudia Cardinale is just days away from turning 84.  Photo: Ciro Prota

Claudia Cardinale is just days away from turning 84. Photo: Ciro Prota

There is no remorse for that lost kingdom. Or really no harm: “Everything changes and it’s normal. The film industry has grown so much… there are so many movies and so are the actors. Beauty was definitely a help to me. But with beauty More, let me say I’ve been photogenic. beauty is simplicity,

“La Bambolona”, as she was once called (a colloquial Italian expression accounting for her doll-like appearance), was last in January 1999, before flying to Punta del Este for the Roberto Giordano parade. Bar visited Buenos Aires. A public reform then exposed its authenticity. He corrected several journalists about the year of his birth, 1938—not 1939, as repeated in the archives.

"Volcanoes like Vesuvius", defined Claudia Cardinale.

“Volcanoes like Vesuvius”, defined Claudia Cardinale.

Antidiva’s clarification further fueled his Buenos Aires move. “I’ve never stepped into an operating room. I didn’t want to. Deep down I think it’s normal to be myself, I think it would be right to ask people who decide to ask questions about the operating room”, Loose. “I remember a vibrant, strong soul from Argentina. I have beautiful memories. Mainly the quality of people and meeting so many Italians”.

“I remember him very politely”, brings that meeting into the present tete coustarotwho presented him at that parade 23 years ago after a summit meeting with Valeria Maza at Conrad in Uruguay. , At the house of Giordano”, Yoga.

Claudia knows that the world she had to grapple with in her days as a floating mermaid on camera was not an easy one for an entire generation. Silent abuses, machinery, power and millions of people are making a wild industry of collusion, Queen Lauren herself vomited her anger at the age of 87: “Even the long-handed Marlon wanted to cross himself. I looked at him calmly, very calmly. I smashed him with my eyes, and warned him: ‘Don’t you dare. You don’t know what I am capable of. You must be afraid of me'”,

By the late sixties, the “Girl Next Door”, as they called her to be another, influenced or modified by the success, decided to publicly reveal that she had a son, Patrick, whom she did without. The cameras were caught and passed on by the brother in collusion with the family to “hide” an aberration: a sexual assault in Tunisia.

“The birth of my son inspired me to devote myself to cinema, to make a living and be independent. I did it for him, for the child I wanted regardless of the circumstances,” he explained to Ill. Courier ,My attacker kept harassing me and wanted me to have an abortion, but I didn’t want to. Men will never be worth more than us. They have not yet learned to accept our right to freedom, liberty, which we have won in many battles.”

Filmography Claudia Cardinale

From France, an exclusive interview

Can you be considered a great feminist?

“Great” I don’t know. Of course I wanted to be part, I wanted to be a free woman and defend the freedom of other women, Everyone does what he can.

– What do you think about the slow collapse of Me Too and a distorted system?

I think this is an essential step in achieving equality. I think it is very important to break the taboo of abusive language. Grieve the one who has done it, not the one who has suffered it.

-They have faced sexual violence. Do you think anything has changed in terms of victim control over the years?

-Yes. I repeat, a veil is being raised today. Women feel comfortable reporting. It is very important. I have overcome it by living… changing things. Recovering relationship with my son.

Claudia Cardinale, "Bambolona" (doll, in colloquial Italian).  photo video capture

Claudia Cardinale, “Bambolona” (doll, in colloquial Italian). photo video capture

A former partner of producer Franco Cristaldi, his “great love” was Italian filmmaker Pasquale Squitieri, who had died five years earlier and with whom he was Claudia Jr.’s mother. She met him in 1974 and they worked together in a dozen films, while Claudia received hundreds of invitations from Marlon Brandon to Thousands of Strangers.

rock hudson’s friendwith whom he worked blindfolded (1966) defended him like no other when the most hypocritical Hollywood rejected homosexuality. On the other hand, with Bob Dylan, she went from friendship to court: they reached litigation when he used an image of him without authorization on the cover of an album.

Fans of Giorgio Armani’s designs returned to Tunisia for the opening of their country’s Cinematheque in 2018, and she will soon be back as they name a street in her honor. Another Myth Away From That End, Live Intensely, Anita Ekberg (from Angel Blonde lovely life who ended his days in solitude and in a state of misery).

“Today with our children we are setting a foundation to be able to continue the battles that are close to my heart, women’s rights, the environment and the Mediterranean. And the projects that have been blocked by COVID will soon come to the fore. Must come. I decide to work less, but if it happens it always makes me happy.”

More than the mystery game, Claudia is of “mediocrity”. It avoids controversy, it walks gracefully with cheap spreads. For example, in 2017, she was involved in a debate when an old image of her was featured on the poster of the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Its waist and leg contours may have been refined using Photoshop in the original photo. Claudia soon came out to speak: “I have no comments about the artistic work on the photo. It is a poster, which represents a flight more than I represent. The image highlights the lightness and the effect of transport.” To be rebuilt. To dream: It’s a sublimation. As a confident feminist, I don’t see an assault on the female body. Even more important to discuss in the world at the moment things. It is nothing more than cinema”.

In Cannes in 1998.  (AFP)

In Cannes in 1998. (AFP)

Brigitte Bardot, his other face – solitary, gloomy with the press and retired for almost half a century – is a very good friend of his. Time is gone for these two as a leading pair oil companies, That 1971 Western Christian-directed by Jack in which the producers wanted to duel their beauties. ,I have always had respect for Brigitte. Sometimes we talk to each other. We love each other so much”CC summarizes, as if to avoid any cross-examination about Bibi, who returned to the front pages in 2020 for her controversial talk about the coronavirus (“It’s a good thing, an overpopulation kind of self-regulation that we are not able to control”).

In her mansion opposite the Seine, the ambassador of UNESCO, she repeats the ritual of looking at the water. The river allows him to remember what it was like to be a girl in Tunisia who spent hours enchanted by the water. From that hypnosis of water, he may have learned to flow, to accept. From the day he understood that puberty was a circumstance, “it is impossible to sustain a moment”: it was 1964 and Rita Hayworth, his partner in the filming of Circus World, entered his motorhome and began to cry: “I was young and beautiful too”, she told him, her tears splashed. Sissy doesn’t fight with time, she hugs him.

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