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Cinema. Las Vocales arrives on the VIX+ content platform

Gabriela de la Garza and Ana Gonzalez Bello star “The vowels”comedy film that reaches the content grid of VIX+ and that centers its plot on the story of ‘Claudia’ (Anna Gonzalez Bello), a single mother who does her best to put her son in a renowned private school with the intention of improving his education, however, she will soon realize that this environment presents many paradigms in her life and in her way of seeing things, especially when he meets ‘Roberta’ (Gabriella Garza), another of the mothers of the school, who from the beginning makes him understand that it will not be easy to join this world.

Through funny situations, the feature film, directed by Silvia Tort, presents the great ambivalence that still exists in Mexican society. The supposed socio-economic difference is reflected in each of the characters that take the screen, from occupations to ways of speaking and dressing, and, although it is evident that many of these expressions have been disappearing, “The vowels” she finds her inspiration in Mexican culture, particularly in the way many women have been systematically educated.

“The film shows the duty to be that has been instilled in us all our lives. You have to be the best mother, the best friend, the best companion, the best representative of the group, the best wife… This programming that has been put into us for generations, it is very difficult to escape from it. The two moms get hooked on the same thing even though they come from different places, they both get hooked until they realize that this is not the way. That is what unites them, what brings them closer”, shares Gabriela de la Garza about the main characters of the film.

Given this, Anna Gonzalez Bello Add: “Women have a lot of social conditioning to be many things, from little girls. These are pressures that are not usually put on men. We are at a time when we are breaking paradigms and we are starting to stop thinking that the family is a women’s thing and get rid of all those ideas that put us since we were little.

Despite the fact that each of them feels little reflected in their character, both actresses assure that these two characters will be perfectly identifiable for the Mexican public. Nevertheless, Gabriella Garza He explains that something he really enjoyed working on this production was being able to create a character like ‘Roberta’, a caricature of a type of person who has slowly been disappearing from our society.

“We are moving forward and, so much so, that the character of ‘Roberta’ is ridiculous. Such a classist woman, so closed in things… She lacks understanding of what inclusion, tolerance is. A character like this, today, is funny because he is ridiculous, because he is backward. For me, showing a person like that, putting it in people’s faces and making it funny is great because it means that we are moving forward, that this is no longer acceptable and that it must be changed, “said the actress.

For its part, Anna Gonzalez He is grateful that this film, thanks to its tone and its narrative genre, can be received and understood by the whole family, especially by children who may grow up seeing the reality of Mexican families today and the evolution of social paradigms.

“I want to think that the audiovisual and everything we see in art and culture is evolving with the times, that we are thinking that we have to give visibility to other realities, to other characters, to tell different stories. Especially with the demand for content for so many platforms out there. People have to look for stories in places that perhaps we had not looked for them and it is super important that we see them, “concluded Ana.


In addition to Gabriela de la Garza and Ana González Bello, Rocío Verdejo, Tania López, Ligia Uriarte, Susana Alexander, César Rodríguez, Italivi Orozco, Luis Orozco and Rubén Blanco complete the cast.

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