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Chyno Miranda’s mother reveals the truth about the singer’s ex-girlfriend

  • The singer’s mother has built a powerful revelation
  • Chyno Miranda was transferred to a private clinic
  • What has been heading on with the singer?

Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda is once once again the centre of consideration. A handful of days ago he was discharged from the clinic the place he was to move to a private clinic because they experienced claimed that he was in extremely poor condition.

There was considerably speculation about the singer’s properly-currently being, as some claimed that his cousin experienced him kidnapped, that she had been accountable for interning him. Now the singer’s mother has arrive out to reveal how the complete approach of her son was and she has also confessed that an ex-girlfriend was to blame for his addictions.

What happened to Chyno Miranda?

What happened to Chyno Miranda?

The singer had suffered severe diseases that had created him vanish from social networks, which brought about worry in his fans. Every little thing seemed to fall aside when Nacho, his companion in the duo Chino y Nacho, experienced structured a live performance in his honor. whilst his alleged manager experienced confessed to the press that he was in very very poor health.

It was even mentioned that they had now spoken to the priest for the reason that they did not have a great deal hope for him. Even so, all this was denied and Chyno Miranda was free of charge once again and transferred to a non-public clinic the place he could be much more in speak to with his household compared to how he was in the previous area.

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