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Chyno Miranda: What happened to him? She thus reappeared and clarified her state of health (VIDEO)

Chyno Miranda reappeared through a video Clarify your health status after illness that they left hims aftermath of covid-19. The singer was in the middle of the controversy after it became known that he was in serious condition and that he would be ill for life. This is what we know about it.

Chyno Miranda: What happened to him and what is his state of health?

Chyno Miranda spoke for the first time about what happened and his health statusafter the controversy in which he was a few weeks ago. The singer surprisingly reappeared in a video during the podcast “La Nave”even revealed his current whereabouts.

Chyno assured to be recovering by the sCovid-19 schools contracted a year ago and which, they caused encephalitis which affected his mobility, speech and motor coordination. It is worth mentioning that the singer’s face looks good, although he looks a bit tired.

Regarding where you are, ex-husband of Natasha Araos revealed that it located in his native Caracas, Venezuela and with that, he calmed the kidnapping rumors that were speculated a few weeks ago.

“Hey people, over here Chyno Miranda! A hug from Caracas, Venezuela. I love them very much, okay? I am here, in full recovery”

Chyno Miranda asks for support before charity concert

Chyno Miranda He also gave his opinion on the benefit concert what is being done to help you with medical expenses. It is worth mentioning that this event caused controversy because it was rumored that they only wanted to steal the money.

“Thanks to all my friends and colleagues for the concert at La Escala this coming June 8. They can’t miss it,” he clarified.

Chyno Miranda asked her fans to support this show that is celebrated in his name and in which he will not be present, however he assured that will be supporting you with all your heart and again he thanked all the support to his fans and let them know how much he loved them.

“My people I wait for you, well I wait for you not because not, I will be there from the heart. I send you a big hug, I love you!” said the singer.

Chyno Miranda: his illness after covid-19

Chyno Miranda was sick of covid-19 about a year ago and he was in very poor health, as he had to be hospitalized due to various complications. The singer had sequelae including encephalitis, a disease that severely affects the brain and other areas, such as coordination, mobility, and speech.

A few months ago His trainer made controversial statements about Chyno Mirada’s health, So he assured that I’d be sick for life he implied that his wife had made things difficult for him by feeding him products she knew would make him sick. Nevertheless, Natasha Araos, former partner of the singer, denied all kinds of rumors assuring that Chyno was fine.

Likewise, another of the rumors that began to circulate regarding the Chyno Miranda disease was that he was kidnapped by a cousin and that said concert to be held was just to swindle the fans.

It is worth mentioning that a few months ago the singer announced his retirement from music so you can focus 100% on your recovery.

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