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Chyno Miranda reappears in unpublished video; admits feeling “weird”

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USA.- Chyno Miranda, caused great emotion and joy to his fans after reappearing in a unpublished video published by his friend and colleague, Nacho on social networks. Without giving further details about his health condition, The singer was apparently already recovered.

Chyno Miranda reappears in unpublished video; she admits to feeling “weird”

The Health of Venezuelan singer It has become a great mystery that many hope will be solved once and for all, because for several months there has been much speculation about it.

Also, the Chyno Miranda’s health status on several occasions he has alarmed his fans, because according to the testimony of friends and acquaintances, the interpreter of “Niña Bonita” was very ill, some even pointed out that the singer was torn between life and death.

However, apparently Chyno Miranda He would have already left behind the health problems that allegedly put his life in danger.

Through a video posted by Nacho on his Instagram account, the Venezuelan reappeared after several months of having stayed away from the cameras.

Although many expected Chyno Miranda talk about his state of health and clarify or deny the rumors about his condition, the singer limited himself to interpreting a duet song with his friend Nacho.

In the video You can see the very happy Venezuelan singing the “rare” song. Similarly, something that caught the attention is his appearance, because he looks like many of his fans remember him. It is precisely this detail that raised suspicions.

Chyno Miranda reappears, but his health status is still unknown

Although the video published by Nacho in the company of Chyno Miranda generated joy among the fans, also concern, because although the recording is unreleased, Some Internet users deduced that it is a material from a long time ago, due to the looks that each one wears.

It should be noted that Nacho has been one of the first to ask for prayers for health of his friend and colleague, who apparently is very delicate, but so far neither he nor his close people have wanted to give details of how he is.

The only thing that is known is that Chyno Miranda lives in his native Venezuela and is in the care of his mother. The decision to have returned to his country would have been given after having become seriously ill and after confirming his divorce with Natasha Araos, mother of his first-born and who previously revealed that his ex-husband left the United States.

Chyno Miranda, what happened to him and what illness does he have?

Since he got sick Covid-19, the health status of Chyno Miranda supposedly has been seriously affected.

The last thing said about the health and whereabouts of the singer was that he was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic (for illegal substances) In Venezuela. Likewise, it was indicated that he would have another incurable disease in addition to the encephalitis who already suffers

These rumors were exposed in the program “Gossip No Like” in which the hosts Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain also argued that the singer’s cousin was the one who had taken him out of Miami to be able to intern him in this place that is protected by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

In the show broadcast on YouTube, it was also shown how is the place in which the interpreter of “Andas in my head” is presumably.

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