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“Chucky” hits the small display as a sequence


LOS ANGELES (EFE) .— The perverted ghost of the doll from “Child’s Play” (1988) lands for the primary time on the small display with “Chucky”, a sequence that premiered yesterday on the Syfy channel and which made this well-known and Lengthy-lived terror story.

With Don Mancini, the creator of the saga, who instructions this sequence, “Chucky” takes up the creepy determine of this toy that has been terrorizing kids and adults for many years.

Kim Garland, Latin American screenwriter and the present’s key piece, mentioned that Chucky was a “very unique” villain on the planet of “slashers.”

The “slasher” is a sub-genre of terror that revolves round fearsome killers who harass and kill a bunch of individuals one after the other, normally with bladed weapons, for revenge as the standard trigger.

“We’re used to evil like Michael Myers (” Halloween “), Jason (” Friday the thirteenth “), Freddy Krueger (” A Nightmare on Elm Avenue “), Ghostface (” Scream “) … AND they are all big guys: They physically knocked you down to kill you. But Chucky is different. He can’t physically harass you so Chucky has to be smart and cunning, “he argued.

Kim Garland additionally recalled that “a lot of people saw the Chucky films when they were very young” and that they’d “intense experiences” with them.

With that in thoughts, the author noticed a part of Kid’s Play’s success in that “immortal feeling” attributable to “the things that scare you when you are little”.

Is within the household

New Yorker, Puerto Rican, Kim Garland mentioned with a smile that her ardour for horror and the scariest tales got here from residence as a result of she grew up in a household that ran a funeral residence.

“That gave me a taste for the macabre, the dark, and the creepy. Halloween is of course a wonderful thing for me, ”he mentioned.

She outlined herself as a screenwriter who was very centered on terror, science fiction and thriller and warranted that this sequence could be the best challenge for her.

“This is an established saga, but they are open to new ideas,” he mentioned of “the magical and extraordinary experience” that was labored on this sequence.

Kim Garland additionally praised the angle of Don Mancini, who in no way too inflexible or “overprotected” the legacy of Kid’s Play, however welcomes new creators into his saga and “invites them to play with it”.

Garland insisted that certainly one of his obsessions was that “Chucky” was for all sorts of viewers, not simply followers.

This facet is attention-grabbing as a result of this lengthy saga, which started with the movie of the identical title from 1988, already contains eight movies, together with the “Remake” with Aubrey Plaza launched in 2019.

Thus, the sequence doesn’t require prior data or is updated within the universe of “Child’s Play”, however provides “a whole new story” and focuses on the character of Jake (Zackary Arthur).

This New Jersey (USA) teenager is bullied and has issues together with his household too, however it all takes place within the background as he takes Chucky residence seeking items for certainly one of his artwork initiatives with out understanding what the evil is that this doll is included.

Jake is a bit of older than the opposite protagonists of “Child’s Play”. The scriptwriter reassured followers by declaring that because the sequence progresses, “Chucky” will characteristic some iconic characters from the saga who’ve been “traumatized” by the scariest doll in cinema for many years.

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