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chronicle of an unannounced ending

chronicle of an unannounced ending

Irritation on the eve of the collapse of the Alliance government. Domingo Cavallo appearing as redeemer. In a mountain setting it was presented the most convoking group in the country: every self-respecting rocker says they have been in that last recital of Los Redonditos de Ricota.

What happened in Córdoba may well be remembered as the saddest historical day in popular culture.

August 4, 2001 in the old stadium Chateau Races from Córdoba –now, Mario Kempes Stadium-. The closing would ring with An angel for your loneliness, second encore of the night. That was the image of a much less round outcome than imagined. In principle, an unannounced ending: towards November they had a show in the province of Santa Fe.

&Quot;A Lifestyle&Quot;.  The Most Convincing Rock Band Once Again Brought Together Thousands Of Loyal Fans.  Photo Daniel Caceres

“A lifestyle”. The most convincing rock band once again brought together thousands of loyal fans. Photo Daniel Caceres

The last ricotera mass

That day in August, exactly 20 years ago, the last recital of the most convincing band in the history of national rock took place. The last ricotera mass. Vintage postcard: two full buses leaving two days before from Plaza Roca, in Ballester to Córdoba. “The Redondos? A lifestyle …”, was heard through windows that seemed to speak.

Since then, Los Redondos have been his albums, his songs, his lyrics and a hahstag begging for mercy: #SoloTePidoQueSeVuelvanAjoun!

Hashtag that started as a song before one of the first solo performances of Skay Beilinson. Him, on the one hand; Indio Solari on the other, working on The treasure of the innocents (bingo fuel). The friendly fire started. Did they multiply like Almond, or did they separate? The passage of time was drastic and heartless with the congregation.

The End Of A &Quot;Beautiful Project&Quot;, The Beginning Of The Ever-Latent Friendly Fire.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

The end of a “beautiful project”, the beginning of the ever-latent friendly fire. Photo Daniel Cáceres

How many groups did not return? The Beatles, Los Redondos … And we stayed here, thinking. In the Roxy Theater from Mar del Plata, November 2020, the long-suffering claim that anticipated an irreversible chimera was heard for the first time: “I only ask you to get back together”, it sang in Skay’s face.

The “sabbatical year” would be transformed into a bond that ensured the breach of any type of illusion. From then on, claims at 0-800 Patricio Rey.

The anger of the Indian, the flares and a surprise

The memorial ones – who multiply – remember the beginning with Stroke of luck, the anger of the Indian, the flares in Lost Toys, Jijiji, and the surprise of An angel for your loneliness at the closing, with the lights on marking the end of the day.

Twenty-two pesos cost the entrance to the field of that Cordoba night. The show started early, after 7pm. 45,000 people witnessed the concert, according to official estimates. In other words, being there was seeing Indio Solari and Skay sharing their latest images on stage.

The followers risked, as had happened, that they were going to play -basically- songs of Last Bondi to Finisterre Y Momo Sampler, his last two albums. But the menu was expanded to Let’s go the bands, prisoner in my city or Rock for the teeth.

After the “One more and we don’t fuck around anymore” came a An angel for your loneliness … That would be the definitive postcard of this story that had begun, far and long ago, with a kind of communal detachment of a seventies and La Plata group called The Brotherhood of the Solar Flower.

The Presentation Was Marred By The Death Of Jorge Daniel Felippi, A 31-Year-Old Boy From Santa Fe Who Fell From A Railing.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

The presentation was marred by the death of Jorge Daniel Felippi, a 31-year-old boy from Santa Fe who fell from a railing. Photo Daniel Cáceres

One death, 25 classics and Argentina on fire

The presentation was musically clouded, as was often the case in his shows: in Córdoba a 31-year-old Santa Fe boy died named Jorge Daniel Felippi. The victim fell from a six-meter railing where his body swayed nationally and popularly. Most found out only when they read the newspaper the day after.

“Fans from all corners of Argentina,” it was written. Of people who, without knowing it, were going to listen for the last time “25 classics” and be the protagonists, also for the last time, “the largest pogo in the world.”

Behind Indio and Skay, “Semilla” Bucciarelli, Walter Sidotti, Sergio Dawi and Hernán Aramberri They were also Round (up to there).

Months later they suspended the Santa Fe date on the Union court. “Patricio Rey believes that this is not the time, that there is no mood for parties”, they explained mythologically while Argentina was on fire. A truth, but also an excuse that came like a glove.

&Quot;Patricio Rey Believes That This Is Not The Time, That There Is No Mood For Parties,&Quot; They Said From The Band, When They Suspended The Date That Was Scheduled For November In Santa Fe. Photo Daniel Caceres

“Patricio Rey believes that this is not the time, that there is no mood for parties,” they said from the band, when they suspended the date that was scheduled for November in Santa Fe. PHOTO DANIEL CACERES

He had continued with an elegant exit, without much clarification. What is said a forward leak. Behind the scenes, as this newspaper published, “The serious internal differences between its founding partners they opened wounds that continue to this day and, in a way, caused the diaspora effect of Los Redondos ”.

Twenty years sabbatical. Who could! Indio Solari and Sky Beilinson’s solo and immediate careers were received with less happiness than nostalgia.

The Chateau had condiments that, over the years, made us think that the farewell was served: a thousand people working for the recital and a pharaonic production with several giant screens and a sound that reached the top of the 200 thousand watts of power, They made that presentation an event of unrepeatable quality for the flock.

The Arrival Of The Gang In Córdoba Set Off All The Alarms In The Province, Which Reinforced Its Security Devices.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

The arrival of the gang in Córdoba set off all the alarms in the province, which reinforced its security devices. Photo Daniel Cáceres

The landing of the gang had aroused all the alarms in the province: wholesale police, officials engaged in the ricotero operation and the mayor himself at that time, German Kammerath, he had been in command of the forecasts, attentive to the incidents that occurred in the last recitals of the Redondos in River and the Centennial of Montevideo.

On stage, a show close to perfection

It was written that “Everything worked perfectly”, Except for the imprudence of the ricotero Jorge Felippi. “We found out after the show. In general, when there was a problem that we did not see from the stage, they would notify us at the end “, he recalled. Bucciarelli Seed, bassist and fundamental piece in the sound wall of Los Redondos.

“The memory I have is that it was a very good show in terms of sound,” he said.

It started after seven in the afternoon. It is said that that night, Indio Solari was not very communicative and it will be necessary to see what happened to him. He greeted, yes, his personal doctor, Dr. Guillermo, “that Decadrón through”, published Clarion,he overcame his hypochondriacal outbreaks and improved his vocal flow to sustain more than two hours of show time.

According To The Chronicles, Indio Solari Was Not Very Communicative During The Show, And Quite Angry.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

According to the chronicles, Indio Solari was not very communicative during the show, and quite angry. Photo Daniel Cáceres

He also got angry when slippers and other unidentified objects started flying onto the stage right at the end of Sheriff:What do you think, that this is Los Violadores, boludo !? Stop the ball, you’re going to hole me, gil. Why don’t you come to the dressing room to throw things at me? ”He said, furious as a fish.

More hymns like The kid from the shipyards, Nobody is perfect and blank checks like Yum Fri Fruli Fali Fru, Jijiji).

The cards thrown

Skay noted in an interview: “Everything ended when we realized that one of us wanted to appropriate that beautiful project that was Patricio Rey, that it had been born as the communion and contribution of many artists and not from the wishes of just one ”.

Already in 2013, with the cards more than thrown, it even seemed like a truism to spread the (official) word that the Redondos would not get together again. So much had passed since Córdoba that some of the “I went” they were already grandparents.

The newspaper Very had informed? about the return of the mythical group led by El Indio Solari and Skay Beilinson. But from the ricotero environment they did not take long to come out to deny the news.

The Fleeting Publication Muy Hinted In 2013 That There Could Be A Meeting Underway, Something That Was Immediately Denied From The Environment Of The Group Members.  Photo Daniel Cáceres

The fleeting publication Muy hinted in 2013 that there could be a meeting underway, something that was immediately denied from the environment of the group members. Photo Daniel Cáceres

The first voice was that of “La Negra” Poly, former manager of the band and Skay’s lifelong companion, who rejected the information. But it was not the only one. The emblematic Ricotera muse had spent a few days with the producer Jose Palazzo, founder of Cosquin Rock, who joined the denials. “There is nothing new and most likely it cannot happen.”

In addition, on his social networks, the bassist Semilla Bucciarelli echoed (the echo) mocking the rumors of return mentioning the word “lies” and the canyengue “sale of mailboxes“.

Angel of loneliness and desolation, prisoner of your illusion, you are going to dance to dance … dance.