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Christina Hall says Brayden’s surgery is a ‘good reminder’ of importance of co-parenting with Tarek El Moussa

Christina Hall says Brayden's surgery is a 'good reminder' of importance of co-parenting with Tarek El Moussa

The former couple's 6-year-old son, Brayden, recently underwent emergency surgery.

Christina Hall is reflecting on what’s most important in her life after a health scare caused her and ex-husband Tarek El Moussa’s 6-year-old son, Brayden, to undergo emergency surgery. Hours after revealing that Brayden had an appendectomy, the 38-year-old Christina on the Coast The star gave a significant update to his ex and his new wife, Heather Rae El Moussa.

“Stressful 24 hours but a good reminder of how important teamwork/co-parenting is,” Christina wrote on her Instagram Stories alongside a photo of Brayden smiling in the hospital. “We are all under pressure but when it really matters we were all where Brayden was doing his job.”

“Sometimes a scary situation can be a good wakeup call,” she continued. “In the end, all the other stuff is just ‘noise,’ that matters baby.”

Christina tagged Tarek and Heather in the post, along with her husband, Josh Hall, whom she quietly married earlier this year. She then shared a photo of Brayden cuddling on the couch at home with her and Tarek’s 11-year-old daughter, Taylor.

Heather and Tarek later shared Christina’s post on their Instagram Stories, while selling sunset Star also gave an update on Brayden. Sharing a similar message to Christina, Heather wrote, “We just left the little guy, he’s in pain but he’s a strong guy and he’s getting a break today. We all can be together as a family during this stressful time. I’m drawn together. Kids will always be the main priority for all of us!”

On Sunday, the co-parents all shared the news of the scary situation, with Christina leading the posts.

“Scary 12 hours for us parents + stepparents,” she wrote. “After being admitted to the ER, Brayden had to have an emergency appendectomy as well as removal of Meckel’s diverticulum this morning. There was nothing quite like seeing my baby in excruciating pain..Luckily the surgery went well and she is recovering and in good spirits. The entire staff of Mission Hospital was wonderful and we are all grateful it was caught early. 3 healthy + happy children, caring family and friends and a husband who stands by me, Blessed to have.”

Tarek also shared, “Last night we were at the CHOC gala and this morning we were at the CHOC hospital waiting for Brayden to come out of surgery. He was extremely ill last night so Christina took him to the emergency room It turned out that this was the right call as he had to have his appendix removed and we also found out that he has something rare called a Meckel diverticulum. Both issues were surgically removed and he healed overnight with his mother Happening. “

The situation was just as dire for Heather, who wrote, “Today @therealtarekelmoussa and I woke up to a call that as a parent and stepparent you never want to wake up. Christina and Josh Bray was rushed to the hospital. AM. Bray had to have an emergency appendectomy surgery and remove his Meckel’s diverticulum. Scariest day of our lives but we’re so grateful it was caught early.”

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