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Christina Aguilera and Maya reunite for ‘Lady Marmalade’ performance at La Pride

Christina Aguilera headlined LA Pride’s music festival at Los Angeles State Historic Park on Saturday and gave fans exactly what they wanted. On top of an epic, high-energy performance of some of her biggest hits, Aguilera took things back in 2001 when she brought on Maya as a surprise guest.

In video footage Posted on Twitter by concert attendees, Aguilera and Mya both all wore yellow burlesque-type costumes and had a blast for the song, which they collaborated with Pink and Lil’ Kim more than two decades ago was. Moulin Rouge! song music,

Paris Hilton — who also performed at L.A. Pride on Saturday — shared more videos of Aguilera and Maia doing their thing on stage, which Maia reposted in her stories. Aguilera later shared the clip to her IG Stories, writing, “Such a special moment.”

Christina Aguilera Maya
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According to Rolling stoneAguilera thanked the crowd during her set with an emotional speech.

“Oh my god. Thank you so much for having me tonight. I’m so honored and so grateful,” she said. “And thank you for your love and support over the past 20+ years. You are my family. I am always so happy to have a voice or try [give one to] Anyone who feels like they are suppressed or excluded. that’s what i’ve always tried to bring [with my music] I’m so proud to call you my family… you’re a part of me and I’m so happy to bring this to you… We wanted to give you such a great time tonight.”

In March 2021, Aguilera, Mya and Pink reminisced on the tune to celebrate the song’s 20th anniversary. “Happy anniversary, Lady Marmalade,” Aguilera wrote in a post at the time.

“Happy 20th anniversary today at #Herstory, March 27, 2001 #LadyMarmalade #MoulinRouge edition w/ @lilkimthequeenbee @pink @myaplanet9 @xtina produced by @missymisdemeanorelliott x @rockwildermusic x @ronfairmusic,” wrote Maia. “Love and respect to OG @mspattilabelle @sarahasindash @nonahendryx
Swipe left for a trip down memory lane!”

The song was originally recorded by Patti LaBelle’s girl group, Labelle, in 1974.

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