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Christian Nodal: Who is Cazzu, an Argentine singer with whom he was captured in Guatemala? (PHOTOS)

Christian Nodal and Cazzu They were seen holding hands and walking in Guatemala, Well, it was thanks to several videos and photos leaked on social networks that the couple went viral. It is worth mentioning that Nodal has been involved in several controversies recently, not only because of his separation with Belinda, but because he has been caught with different women on several occasions, he has just fight with J Balvin, lashed out Gussy Lau, Angela Aguilar’s ex-boyfriendamong others.

But,who is cazu and because Christian Nodal was caught with her? will there be romance? This is what we know about the Argentine singer and about his relationship with Nodal.

Who in Cazzu, the alleged girlfriend of Christian Nodal?

Cazu, who’s real name is Juliet Emilia Cazzuchelliis a trap singer born in Ledesma, Jujuy, in Argentina, on December 16, 1993.

He began his musical career with cumbia and in several rock bands, but it did not work out so well for him. Years later he moved to Tucumán to study cinema, and later he went to Buenos Aires with the purpose of learning multimedia design but his goal was to continue trying his luck with music and when he found a more or less stable job, he was able to start paying his first recordings and video clips.

The musical genre that dominates Cazzu is the trap, but has also experimented with reggaeton and cumbia. in 2017 he got the fame thanks to the collaboration with Khea and Duki in “Loca”; this theme gained greater notoriety by virtue of the remix made by Bad Bunny.

The artist had a relationship with the rapper Malajunta Malandro and was also linked to the rapper CRO She is currently causing controversy after was seen with Christian Nodal but it is not yet known if they are boyfriends.

Nodal and Cazzu walk hand in hand in Guatemala

Christian Nodal and Cazzu they were seen walking through the streets of Guatemala holding hands. The photos and videos caused a furor on social networks, because in addition to the fact that we can appreciate Nodal’s new look in purple tones, both were quite happy and one could even say that They looked “in love”. They were both talking and laughing.

On the other hand, in other photos taken by TV Azteca Guatemala, Christian Nodal and Cazzu were seen on the runway at La Aurora International Airport, and boarded a private jet heading to Barcelona, ​​Spain. People say that Belinda’s ex-boyfriend He came personally for the Argentine singer who in days gone by would give a concert in the city but for reasons of the weather it was cancelled.

Does Cazzu confess to being in love with Christian Nodal?

It was just a few weeks ago, Cazzu confessed in an interview with Jesse Cervantes for Exa, where the singer confessed being in love with Nodal’s music because he was able to share the stage with him singing his favorite song called “if you miss someone”.

Cazzu was a little nervous when asked about Nodal but he assured that everything was very good and that although it was not planned to go on stage with him it was a very nice moment. Likewise, the Argentine singer She declared herself a fan of Mexican cumbia.

Cazzu was seen at the Nodal concert

It seems that the romance between Christian Nodal and Cazzu It would have started several weeks ago, since it was the same singer who uploaded several videos to her Instagram during the Nodal concert in Mexico.

Cazzu was in the audience enjoying the songs of the interpreter of “Tell me how you want”, and although at that time, everything went unnoticed, now everything would make sense, since the artists would have started a relationship after that. They even sang a song together.

It is worth mentioning that Christian Nodal has been caught with several women since it ended with Belindabecause less than a month ago, he was captured with Marian Gonzalez, who would have been his model for the video of “toxic love” in 2020 and although it seemed that their romance was serious, it seems that it is not.

Until now, neither Nodal nor Cazzu have given any statement in this regard and it only remains to wait for confirm or deny if they are a couple or if they are starting a romantic relationship.

Reference from yucatan

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