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Christian Nodal uploaded a meme that would deny Cazzu’s pregnancy

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Christian Nodal and Cazzu have not confirmed that they are in a courtship, but they do show signs of affection in public Photos: Getty Images

Since Christian Nodal and Cazzu They appeared walking together through the streets of Guatemala, their followers were aware of their appointments and events where they have been seen.

Although they have not confirmed their romance and have limited themselves to showing affection to each other, in recent weeks the rumor that the singer Cazzu was pregnant emerged.

Regarding that, Nodal posted a story on his Instagram related to the alleged wait, but did not comment on the pregnancy, but instead shared a meme to laugh at the situation.

In the funny image, a couple could be seen arguing, “Honey, let’s not fight, it’s bad for the baby,” he said while she mentioned “Which baby?” The punchline of the joke was that the boyfriend mentioned “I, tu baby fiu fiu”, in reference to the song by Tito Silva and Tefi C.

This was the meme that Nodal recently uploaded (Photo: Instagram/@nodal)
This was the meme that Nodal recently uploaded (Photo: Instagram/@nodal)

The rumors about Cazzu’s pregnancy They started because, apparently, one of the couple’s fans assured that he approached them on one of their walks, and that they would have trusted him that they would soon give their followers good news.

There is news. Good news, but I can’t tell you for a few months. It has to do with bottle, pacifier and diapers. But I can’t count, so stay tuned, well.”

In addition, there were followers of Cazzu who claimed to have seen her “frequently touching her abdomen” at an awards ceremony.

The couple of singers have been seen embracing on several occasions (Photo: Intagram @tityelducke_ / TikTok paolabarrios64
The couple of singers have been seen embracing on several occasions (Photo: Intagram @tityelducke_ / TikTok paolabarrios64

Added to the meme that Nodal published this day, Cazzu’s alleged statement was ruled out because the Argentine was seen smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages with her friends and the singer of Bottle after Bottle, it should also be noted that Cazzu showed off her beauty with a fitted white dress with suggestive openings on the back. On this visit to the Central American country, the celebrities looked very happy and showed that they have very good chemistry.

The Argentine singer and the mariacheño interpreter have starred in romantic moments, as on this occasion, when they returned to Guatemala, where they had their first encounters in early June of this year.

(Photos: Instagram: @cazzu/ @nodal/ @tityelducke_/ TikTok: paulinabarrios64
(Photos: Instagram: @cazzu/ @nodal/ @tityelducke_/ TikTok: paulinabarrios64

Nodal and Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, full name of the composer, were captured on the hill of San Cristóbal El Alto, in Antigua, Guatemala, where two months ago they walked through the alleys holding hands, an occasion in which they also visited a church and ate frozen.

Who is Cazzu, the rapper who has appeared alongside Nodal on several occasions

The Argentine artist was born in December 1993 in Fraile Pintado, province of Jujuy, into a family passionate about music, specifically folklore, a taste inherited by her father, who despite encouraging her to follow the path of music, in a certain part of life he was reluctant to their intentions.

However, the opportunities were few, so he left all the bands he did at some point in high school, and began to study film in Tucumán, but soon moved to Buenos Aires in search of a better life, with the aim of become a multimedia designer.

He never gave up. Heading to 2017, she did what few would dare to do, and with his own resources she managed to record an album. The Mixtape evil$ it was not one of the most profitable products of the time, but it was one of the most relevant experiments in the industry, drawing the attention of multiple singers, producers and record companies who began to fight to attract their flow.


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