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Christian Nodal shouts in concert: "I’m not a good example; I am only 23 years old"

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The singer Christian Nodal has given a lot to tell in the last few months, more than having to endure ridicule and very strong comments for his work, for his separation from Belinda. This might interest you:

Christian Nodal Announces US Tour; visits North Carolina Things weren’t going well for the singer privately, so he broke down at the last concert offered in Colombia as part of the “Outlaw” tour, where he cried at the end and opened up about everything that had happened in the past few weeks.

“The media doesn’t love me, but the reality is different. It took me a lot to reach this beautiful audience that I have today and it’s not fair that they talk shit about me to get money, I’m not a shit I just play my music.” “I’m not good example for a human being”: Christian Nodal He also admitted that he is learning to live and doesn’t consider himself a great example to follow, but that he tries to improve day by day. I’m a good example of a person, I’m 23 years old. The difference is my thing is everyone takes a video takes a picture and you don’t take a picture if you pretend to be a human. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ PAULA• (@paualvarez94) June 25, 2022 Recent scandals he has been involved in, like the Fight with J Balvin, his breakup with Belinda and the physical transformation he has had with his tattoos, He has received many insults on social networks, which has finally affected him.

Reference from lanoticia

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