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Christian Nodal is “attacked” with ice in the concert, the regional singer is booed

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Singer Christian Nodal was not received as he expected at a concert, as a group of fans booed him and “attacked” him on stage with ice, for which he asked security forces to remove the attackers. You might be interested in:

Christian Nodal Announces US Tour; visits North Carolina Nodal was attacked by a group of fans at a concert. That’s right, Christian Nodal, a famous regional Mexican singer, experienced moments of suspense at a concert in Bolivia where a large amount of ice was thrown at him, prompting his security agency to remove people.

According to various videos uploaded by fans, Christian Nodal became angry after presenting problems with the organizers and the public. Why did the fans boo and throw ice at Christian Nodal? This is how Christian Nodal was upset, he asked to remove these people and return their tickets because he couldn’t handle disrespect. “Send them to the chin&%$# and pay them for their ticket, they don’t throw ice at me because I respect them and they don’t respect me… please respect me,” Christian Nodal said. According to local reports, people in Bolivia were upset because Christian Nodal started his concert hours late, for which a sector of angry fans complained about the artist. @chrisesperanza007 @christiannodal #bolivia #concert #hielo #viral ♬ Original sound – Chris Esperanza Moments later, the celebrity thanked the fans, the concert began and thousands of Bolivians sang hits like ‘Botella after Bottle’ at the top of their lungs.

After all, this wasn’t the last incident Nodal was involved in, as he canceled his presentation in La Paz, Bolivia for “breach of contract.”

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