Home Entertainment Christian Nodal gets a new tattoo in honor of Belinda (video)

Christian Nodal gets a new tattoo in honor of Belinda (video)

Nuevo tatuaje de Nodal en honor a Belinda

Nodal left his fans in shock because they never imagined that he would do another “stroke” to show Belinda when he loves her.

MEXICO.- Christian knot He surprised his fans again after showing himself the new tattoo that was done and that is inspired by his fiancΓ©e Belinda. This new “stroke” on the singer’s skin has also caused a stir because of the place where he wears it.

But the interpreter of “bottle after bottle” has boasted with joy and pride this new tattoo in which he also honors his girlfriend’s musical career.

What did Christian Nodal get tattooed?

the Love Christian Nodal has for Belinda continues to surprise, as the Mexican regional singer caused euphoria and criticism after her performance the tattoo that was done, and it’s all about nothing but that Name of the second album from the pop singer: Utopia.

Through a Video the singer showed that the word Utopia in red and with a heart underneath, it now “decorates” her skin, especially her forehead. As expected, Belinda did not miss the opportunity show this “gesture of love”, and through his Instagram stories, he shared the shot that went viral.

Although the singer announced that he was in a professional tattoo studio Taking some precautions that you already have in hand, nobody imagined that His collection ” I would add one more and that would be in honors his girlfriend.

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How many tattoos in honor of Belinda does Nodal have?

Christian Nodal already has several tattoos in honor of Belinda. At the beginning of their relationship, the singer he tattooed the interpreter’s eyes of “Sapito” on the chest. This tattoo has caused a lot of controversy. However, it would not be the only one, because next to one ear you can read: Beli with capital letters.

However, this is A new tattoo is the most visible of them all, there it’s on christian’s face and because it is red it is inevitable not to notice it.

This “proof of love” has led to divided opinions, as the Nodeli (fans of the couple) it for a. keep beautiful token of love, but others still consider this it was already a surplus and they even regret that the singer continues to fill his Ink face if it could be tattooed in other places and other things.

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