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Christian Nodal claimed his family for never giving him anything: “Not a pinc ** cell phone”

Christian Nodal is one of the most popular regional Mexican music singers in the countryUnfortunately, in recent months, more has been known about the singer due to his controversies than due to new songs or his Forajido tour.

Some of the scandals range from leaking conversations with his ex-fiancée, Belinda, to setting up reggaeton singer J Balvin for making fun of his physical appearance. that have come to light of the artist in recent months.

Once again, the interpreter of Goodbye Love is in the midst of controversy as Internet users took on the task of reviving a clip of a comment made during one of the singer’s popular live broadcasts. In the video Christian Nodal reacts against his family for allegedly never giving him a gift.

The Mexican singer was on a call while on a live broadcast, It was there that he took the opportunity to bring to light some ‘family problems’.

“My dream car was a Jeep, man. Who do you think they gave the pinh** Jeep to when they were 15 years old? To my sister! Dude, They never gave me a pinh ** cell phone. I always had to peel it off to get everything she wanted,” she mentioned.

The main annoyance of the singer was that with his parents they have had details with his brothers and with him not: “They give these morritos everything: they give Amely everything. To this day, they don’t give me anything, carnal, nothing.”

Nodal revealed that he always gives luxurious gifts to his family and that is why he finds it outrageous not to receive the same.

“I don’t want them to give me a car or anything like that. Just a fucking detail of ‘oh, my son, I love you’, something symbolic… I always give them things that are very good, dude, that’s why I get drunk, “he mentioned.


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