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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Christian Nodal appears in concert with Cazzu; Is he taking it out on Belinda?

Christian Nodal concert Cazzu: They criticize the couple; “They are such for which”

Christian Nodal concert Cazzu

Not many people agree with the relationship between the Argentine rapper and the Mexican regional singer, they have even had to deal with a lot of hate. In a video shared by Despierta América, Internet users did not hesitate for a second to talk about the couple.

“How could Belinda be with that guy, for God’s sake?”, “That was it, he needed one just like him”, “What money and fame do, look at Nodal. A boy who promised a lot, but sadly lost his way ”,“ Instead Belinda went to the big leagues with Jared Leto ”,“ Wow, she met the other half of her they are just like smoking, drinking and tattoos . I don’t think this relationship is going to help him,” some followers said. (WATCH VIDEO) Filed Under: Christian Nodal concert Cazzu

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