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Chrissy Teigen reveals why she wouldn’t be a good fit for ‘Real Housewives’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Don’t think fans should expect to see Chrissy Teigen pop up real housewives franchise anytime soon.

Chrissy’s Court Start explained to ET’s Rachel Smith that people mistakenly think he’d be good at the reality series. “I grew up on court shows. To be honest, my mom was always the one who had every court show all the time and I just remember thinking they were so mean and so scary,” she recalled. did. “A lot of people think I love conflict or that I’m really good at it, like, real housewives Or something… I’m always like, ‘No, no.'”

Instead, “I enjoy mediation,” she said, citing her childhood experience of mediation in her family. “Big, brutal conflict and attacks and stuff,” she said, “I’m not.”

So don’t expect things to get out of hand in her own courtroom show on The Roku Channel. “We have a very organized courtroom,” she said. “It’s like an everyday catch-up with, like, your roommate or, like, a little bit of disorderly demeanor and things.”

She is also not expecting any stars to show up. “Honestly, big celebrities, like, scare the crap out of me,” she admitted. “So I used to drink a lot for award shows and stuff.”

“I’m, like, a little scared for a big sober awards season, because I like to face everybody like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ over the head,” Teigen said. “I still get intimidated by celebrities who are my friends, like, I really do. There’s just something about it.”

related to real housewives Stars, she would rather watch him on TV than be with him in real life. “Any of them would be scared of me,” she said, “because they could really go in.”

season 2 Chrissy Court debuts Friday, June 17 on Roku Channel.

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