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Chrishell Stause says there are ‘no rules’ in her and G-Flip’s relationship

Chrisel Stause Reveals How Her Relationship With G Flip Is “Unlocked”. in an interview with the trend40 years old selling sunset The star shares how the term applies perfectly to how she and her partner, who identifies as non-binary, defines their relationship.

“This is when they have the key to your heart, but the walls are down and there are no rules or regulations, just love and support,” she explains. “Plus, it’s covered in real estate, which is actually quite lovely!”

Stause announces her relationship with 27-year-old G Flip selling sunsetreunion, which was released on Netflix in May. Since then, Stause has spoken out publicly about their romance in an attempt to “push the conversation a little further”.

“Sometimes when people don’t know about something, they don’t automatically accept or like it. Non-binary conversations can confuse people, but if you’re the kind of person that Bobby Instead of being called Bob, people immediately respect him,” Stause says. “And so if someone identifies a way, and it makes them feel comfortable, then we have to be open to that.”

Stause hopes that her relationship with G Flip can help others, just as it has been “a great learning experience” for her.

“There’s just so much love and support that sometimes other people see it and if it doesn’t fit their box, they won’t agree with it, or they hate it, or they’re going to try somehow.” Let’s put it aside. And that’s okay, because it’s going to happen no matter what,” she says. “…you put your life at a certain point and then you let it go and try to be happy, without worrying about what some random stranger thinks about it.”

One way Stause and G Flip’s relationship “isn’t a stereotype” is the fact that they both readily admit that they “want a few different things.”

“Gee knows I want to be a mom, and I know that’s just not that place in my life right now. It’s really just a super-open, communicative situation where we don’t block anything for either person.” And we want to give each other love and support, in whatever form it may be,” she says. “Of course, we’ll always be in each other’s lives, so it feels good. I wouldn’t have known I’d be open to so many things without them opening my eyes.”

Now that her eyes are open, Stause is enjoying how content she is with her partner.

“I think my favorite part [of our relationship] Just have to be around. It is such a mood-lifting experience; If you ever get to enjoy being in the same room with them, you’ll quickly see what I mean,” Stause says. “I love to feel like the other person is totally what they want. they are.”

When ET spoke to Staus last month, he called the G Flip “wonderful and very helpful.”

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