Chrishell Stause on where she and Christine Quinn stand before the fourth season of “Selling Sunset” (exclusive)

There is no love lost between Sell ​​sunset starring Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn. This really is the best way to describe their relationship or lack of it.

Stause says she won’t dodge the elephant in the room – where she stands with Quinn after trying to play nice through three turbulent seasons. In season 4, things finally reached a boiling point, so buckle up!

Stause told ET’s Nischelle Turner that Quinn was making her bed at this point. “I just think that after working with people for so long, people just have enough. Sometimes you have to bring it up in order to move forward and I’m sure the fans would love it if we did. “

But unfortunately that seems like a long shot. And Stause will finally “own” her roller coaster relationship with Quinn. “I think it’s better to own it,” said the 40-year-old luxury real estate agent. “I’ve always talked around it. That’s the way it is. We’re not trying to deceive anyone here. “

Before the premiere of the fourth season on Wednesday on Netflix, traffic jams offer a notice that may (keyword: can) Fix what’s left of their broken relationship.

“I think everyone is really looking for responsibility and just saying, ‘Listen, I did this. I’m sorry and let’s move on, ‘”Stause explained. But there is a caveat. “Until that happens,” says Stause, “we think we’re all somehow standing still.” She adds, “Please stop and please say, ‘Yes, I did it. Sorry.'”

Even if she doesn’t apologize, Stause would at least like to some Effort from Quinn, whose disputes go beyond the mere reservoir.

“Just to say, ‘Hey, I did this and was pissed off and that’s why I did it so you would know’ and even if you don’t apologize, honestly everything. But it’s hard not to work with anything, so Everyone [has] I just got to a place where the bridges were burned. There has been no effort to fix it. “

Something else fans will pick up on in season 4 – the thriving relationship between Stause and her boyfriend / boss Jason Oppenheim. Stause says it will be interesting to see a bird’s eye view of how their relationship has turned out. But one thing is for sure, Stause says, the relationship had no chance of being real unless they started out as friends first, a first for Stause.

“I’ve never had a situation where I became best friends with anyone first,” she says. “It was just so liberating. All of my self – good, bad, indifferent. What ever. It’s the best way to do it. We knew everything about each other. We worked so well together and have so much respect ”for one another. It’s a really good formula to start a relationship with. “

Stause says she tried her best to keep the relationship down, but to no avail. A representative from Oppenheim confirmed to ET in July that he and Chrishell were together.

See how the whole drama goes down when Season 4 of Sell ​​sunset hits Netflix on November 24th.


Reference from etonline