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Chris Rock breaks silence on Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars: “I’m not a victim”

A couple of months ago Chris Rock and Will Smith starred in one of the most awkward moments seen during an Oscar award ceremony. The slap that the protagonist of I’m legend gave the comedian was a topic of conversation for several weeks.

This fact divided the opinions of millions of people who They saw the moment that was caught on camera after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett’s physical appearanceactor’s wife.

Since that event, the careers of both celebrities took different directions because Will Smith has been seen little in front of the cameras since he decided to sign up for a retreat to deal with stress after being expelled from The Academy. At the same time, it is known that he is preparing for the second part of the popular film Soy Leyenda.

Instead, Chris Rock took advantage of the controversy and is currently performing a series of comedy shows in different cities in the United States where he has made jokes about the slap he received.

So far the actor They are like children He has not given interviews about it and had only joked about the situationn, but this time during a show in New Jersey he touched on how he felt that night.

Chris Rock

“Anyone who says that words hurt is because they have never been hit in the face”he said on stage. In addition, he added that he did not seek to victimize himself by the situation and decided to continue with his life: “I’m not a victim, motherfucker. I’m not going to the hospital for a paper cut,” he was quoted as saying. U.S. Weekly.

The comedian assures that he is open to offers to give an exclusive interview about what happened or he will continue without touching the subject.


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