Home Entertainment Chris Martin was inspired by Back to the Future to create Coldplay

Chris Martin was inspired by Back to the Future to create Coldplay

Chris Martin was inspired by Back to the Future to create Coldplay

Chris Martin, the singer and leader of Coldplay, revealed a fact that surprised his followers. In an interview, he said that the movie Back to the Future inspired him to create his famous band.

In particular, it was a scene, one of his favorites, when the character of Michael J. Fox interprets Johnny B. Goode, of the American singer and guitarist Chuck Berry. “That’s what made me want to be in a band,” he replied to the singer, actress and television presenter Kelly clarkson.

The singer highlighted that one of his best moments on stage was when the famous actor came up to play two songs from Back to the Future together with the group. A dream night for the English artist, at MetLife Stadium, in 2016.

Coldplay will stop making music in 2025

Coldplay Will Do Four Shows In Argentina In October, At The River Stadium.  Press Photo Df Entertainment

Coldplay will do four shows in Argentina in October, at the River Stadium. Press Photo DF Entertainment

At the end of December, Chris Martin assured that Coldplay will stop recording albums in 2025. The musician participated in an interview on BBC Radio 2 and he said his last work will be out in four years and then he thinks the band will just focus on touring.

“Perhaps we will do some collaboration, but the Coldplay catalog will end at that time,” said the artist.

Even if there are many fans who mistrust that their sayings are true.

Back to the future, successful and cult

The movie Back to the Future (Back to the Future, in English) of 1985 meant not only a gigantic commercial success, since according to Box Mojo Office it raised 381 million dollars with a budget of 19 million, but also became a symbol of pop culture.

A Scene From &Quot;Back To The Future&Quot; With Michael J. Fox And Christopher Lloyd.

A scene from “Back to the Future” with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Its actors, both leading and supporting, are revered as legends at every fan convention.

Marty McFly, the character composed by Michael J. Fox, is the top star of the movie. The teen idol who came from doing the series Family ties and that the leading man had to shoulder himself when the producers decided to cast the first Marty McFly, played by Eric Stoltz, for being “too dark”.

Michael J. Fox not only showed charisma on the screen, but he made good friends with the entire working group of the film, something that for one thing or another his previous colleague had not achieved.

After the end of the trilogy, Fox began a tour of different films in which he tried to leave behind his image of McFly, something that cost him a lot.

The first great success he made after Back to the Future it was doctor hollywood, in 1991, which was also his great hinge in life. During the filming of that romantic comedy, he began to feel tremors in his hands that he could not control.

Michael J. Fox, At The Oscars Gala.  Ap Photo

Michael J. Fox, at the Oscars gala. AP Photo

He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, something that he made public only in 1998. This experience led him to set up a foundation that investigates treatments that fight the disease. And Fox is a spokesperson for her, taking her case and her epic fight anywhere.

Coldplay comes to Argentina

Coldplay, At A London Show.  Reuters Photo

Coldplay, at a London show. Reuters photo

Meanwhile, Coldplay is preparing to give a series of four concerts at the River Plate stadium. The dates are October 25, 26, 28 and 29.

The band comes to present its ninth studio work, Music of the Spheres, had as a first cut High Power, which was reproduced for the first time from the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

In addition, the disc includes the song My universe, which made the group the first British band to debut at number one on the US Hot 100 with their collaboration with BTS. The song accumulates more than 100 million views on YouTube.


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