Home Entertainment Chris Martin announced that Coldplay will not release new albums after 2025

Chris Martin announced that Coldplay will not release new albums after 2025

Chris Martin announced that Coldplay will not release new albums after 2025

Chris Martin, singer and frontman of the band Coldplay, announced on Thursday 22 December on the BBC that your group will stop producing new songs after a final album scheduled for 2025.

“Our last real album will come out in 2025, and after that, I think we will only tour,” announced the 44-year-old singer in advance of an interview with presenter Jo Whiley that will be broadcast this Thursday 23 Thursday on the network. British television.

“We may do some collaborations, but the Coldplay catalog proper is ending at the time, “added Martin.

Coldplay Comes To Argentina In October.  They Have Already Sold Four River Stadiums.

Coldplay comes to Argentina in October. They have already sold four River stadiums.

He meant it?

Asked about these remarks on another show, Whiley said Thursday morning that Chris Martin, the bandleader, seemed “charmingly honest” in the interview, but that you never know “if he was kidding” or spoke in a “deadly serious” way.

In any case, at the time of the October release of his ninth album, Music of The SpheresThe singer already told music magazine NME that the group intended to make 12 albums – three more than the current number – before stopping. So you don’t really know which way you will shoot.

His shows in Argentina

Meanwhile, the group will perform in Argentina, at the River Plate stadium, for four days in October: 25, 26, 28 and 29.

Coldplay In La Plata.  There The Band Did A Cover Of &Quot;Light Music&Quot;By Soda Stereo.  Photo Andrés D'Elía

Coldplay in La Plata. There the band did a version of “De music light”, by Soda Stereo. Photo Andrés D’Elía

In these times, making four stadiums of that magnitude is not a simple matter. However, since they went on sale, tickets to see Coldplay began to sell out in a matter of minutes.

On Thursday, December 9, tickets went on sale to see Coldplay in Argentina, in River, on October 25, on the return of the British group to the country, with their “Music Of The Spheres World Tour” tour.

Except that as a result of the great demand that took place as soon as the tickets went on sale, the band decided to add another date for October 26. But it also did not reach. With one River sold out and another on the way, the production announced the addition of a new show, scheduled for October 28.

However, this time the third time was not the charm, and around 5:00 p.m., with more than 200 thousand seats sold in less than seven hours, Coldplay announced a fourth recital, which will take place, like all the others, at the Monumental, on October 29 next year. Tickets can be purchased on the site www.allaccess.com.ar.

The prices to enjoy the recital of Coldplay, Chris Martin and company are the following: Front field: $ 16,500; Preferred stall: $ 13,000; Platea: $ 11,500; High stalls: $ 10,500; Sivori middle plate: $ 8,000; Field $ 7,500; Sívori high plateau: $ 5,500. You have to look at what is available on the sale site.

Coldplay Could Continue Touring, But They Say They Will Make Their Last Album In 2025.

Coldplay could continue touring, but they say they will make their last album in 2025.

Light music

But the future shows of River were not the only presence of Coldplay these days in Argentina. The shows of Soda Stereo Thanks Total that were seen on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 December at the Polo Field closed with the band led by Charly alberti and Zeta Bosio playing live the classic Soda Light music.

And from the screens they tied the unmatched voice of Gustavo Cerati (in an old performance of the band) with the video that Chris Martin, a well-known Soda fan, recorded for the occasion, to the point that Coldplay, on his last visit to the Unique Stadium in La Plata, covered that song.

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