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Chris Lane jokes about his ‘dad bod’, shares the best part of Fatherhood (exclusive)

Chris Lane Is Fully Embracing Fatherhood – Dad Bod And All! The singer is currently expecting his second child with wife Lauren Bushnell and E.T. with him and his friend Lauren Alaina as part of their music video for a new rendition of the ’70s classic tune, “Dancin’ in the Moonlight”. was on the set.”

While Alaina was “doing all the stuff” for the music video — which features different time periods including the ’20s, 50s and ’70s — Lane joked to ET, “I currently have dad bod going on so I’m going to have to button all the way to the top.”

Alina quipped, “Dad bod? Whatever, absolutely not. I have more dad bod than you.”

Lane also opened up about being the father of 1-year-old Dutton. “Being a first time dad, I didn’t know what to expect,” admitted the 37-year-old native crooner. “But it’s definitely a love I’ve never experienced before. He’s almost 11 months old. I’m definitely 10 years old in the last 11 months.”

Baby Dutton also gets private concerts from his father. “At home, I play guitar a lot and all we have to say is, ‘Dutton, can you sing?’ And obviously he’s not making up words, but he starts using his voice and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Lane said.

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