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Chloe delivers show-stopping performances of ‘Surprise’ and ‘Treat Me’ at 2022 BET Awards

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Chloe knows how to make the crowd stand on their feet! On Sunday, the 23-year-old singer took the stage at the 2022 BET Awards for the television premiere performance of her latest single, “Surprise.”

On stage in a black leather trench coaster, with a row of matching, leather-covered backup dancers, the songstress took control of the room as she performed the sexy new single.

As the numbers went up, Chloe threw off the coat revealing a sultry, shimmering bodysuit and sang while dancing intimately with a blindfolded man tied to a chair.

The set then moved on to a performance of “Treat Me”, in which Chloe provided high-energy choreography while hitting some impressive high notes.

Just last week, Chloe released the sexy video for “Surprise,” the single from her upcoming debut album. The internet was in a frenzy when it dropped the risky scene, which featured actor/model Broderick Hunter.

Watch the video below to know more about the famous lyricist.

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