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Chiquis Rivera Unveils Robbery At Jenni’s Company; points to Rosie Rivera (video)

Chiquis revela robos en la empresa de Jenni acusa a su tía Rosie

In a video, Chiquis Rivera accused her uncles Rosie and Juan of hiding robberies from Jenni’s companies.

CALIFORNIA.- Chiquis Rivera placeholder image subsequently sparked controversy accusations what spent against his aunt rosiewho he accused of knowing about the Robberies that they were commit within the your mother’s business (Jenni Rivera) while they were under his control.

Above all Jacqie Rivera by becoming the new CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE) and Jenni Rivera Fashion, the companies that make the Legacy of the singer after his death, assures that there is “no crime, Misappropriation or theft of trust funds “by Rosie.

Even the hChiquis’ Ermana thanked her aunt for her performance as a former director of the Jenni company.

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Chiquis Rivera accuses Rosie of knowing about the robberies

Last January 5th Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter published a Live broadcast via Instagram, in which he spoke of his anger at his sister’s testimony Jacqie Rivera, who praised Rosie’s work while running the family business.

The singer also said she was dissatisfied with her aunt’s praise when she found out a person who was very close to her aunt Rosie stole Jenni Rivera Fashion. In his video, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image Stresses that her aunt knew about the crime but preferred to hide it.

“I only just realized that A few years ago someone stole from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie, and Rosie knew it. He told my sister Jacqie back then. When Rosie got the money. I don’t know how long, I have yet to see … how much it was, about $ 80,000 stolen because it was stolen by Jenni Rivera Fashion “.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter does not accuse Rosie of theft, but of knowing

In his live broadcast Chiquis Rivera placeholder image repeated that he didn’t blame his aunt but he accuses her of hiding very important information from all the children of the “Diva de la Banda”.

Similarly, the moderator also stated that if she had had this information beforehand, she likely would not have accepted an agreement through the they had to pay him to retire and don’t talk about it.

“According to Rosie, everything has already been paid for … my sister Jacqie asked the accountant, ‘What do we do with what happened to this?’ He told her he would do it like it was a loan (Loan) because the money was returned, but that is not right. Maybe Rosie ain’t a shoplifter, maybe Rosie didn’t steal but she wasn’t honest, she didn’t tell my brothers what happened and it is something they should be told because they are the heirs, ”explained the young woman.

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How much did Rosie Rivera pay to leave Jenni’s company?

In his video, Chiquis noticed that Rosie asked to Jenni Rivera’s children 165 thousand dollars to give up her position as general manager of her sister’s firms, in addition to having to leave the singer’s young heirs sign a confidentiality agreement so that this deal will not be announced.

However, Jenni’s eldest daughter said her brothers agreed to give her only $ 84,000 and sign the confidentiality agreement.

But the singer exposed her aunt’s irregularities and what she found out in relation to running her mother’s companies, for her it was not part of that agreement, because it is not in the will of the interpreter of “Mariposa de Barrio”.

Chiquis attacks the Rivera family

In the controversial Video shared last Wednesday afternoon, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image She pointed out that she didn’t want to know about her family because she made her mother cry and suffer for years, although she pointed out that she chose to leave them because “she doesn’t want them to to compare”. or says that it is hanging. “, because she assures that she has” worked well and beautifully for years “.

However, after he has given assurances that he is aware of the Jenni’s family, he attacked his grandmother Rosa Saavedra, of those who said he ever pointed it out she (Chiquis) and her brothers, the only thing they’d done was ruin the legacy of the “Diva de la Banda”.

The singer stated that both she and her brothers Jacqie, Michael, Johnny and Jenicka, had to face severe criticism from people who because his uncles Rosie and Juan They have been labeled as ambitious and ungrateful, they see them as such.

But he stressed that people are not aware of it everyone has their own jobs and businesses that made them self-sufficient.

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image commented on that yes i’m silent up to this point it was for not damage the image of Rosie and Juan Rivera, but decided to help his brothers who refused to work with the Jenni’s children when they asked for an explanation of why the shop they didn’t grow as they should.

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