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Chiquis Rivera poses in a transparent bikini and lets everything show! (PHOTOS)

  • The daughter of the Diva de la Banda impresses with her enviable figure!
  • Chiquis Rivera looks impeccable her new body
  • They compare her with her mom, do they look alike?

Chiquis Rivera poses in a bikini. She is one of the figures of the Mexican regional that have imposed the most in recent years, and also one of the most attractive women. Jenni Rivera’s daughter has earned the recognition of millions of people for her charisma and talent.

But also, Chiquis has dealt with the hatred of thousands of other people, who to date continue to remind her of her “dark” past. The interpreter of ‘Queen Bee’ has been involved in several controversies, however, she continues to move forward and continues to show the best of herself.

She poses in little clothes and transparent

Chiquis Rivera poses in a bikini

Chiquis He returned to the public’s attention after posting one more scantily clad photo. It is customary for us to see the daughter of the Diva de la Banda posing in this way, but her fans will never get tired of seeing how the interpreter of ‘Between kisses and drinks’ shows off her best attributes.

In a photograph published on June 20, we saw the singer posing in a transparent swimsuit, where she revealed her entire body. She posing in the water and wearing a cap, and another, where she appears lying down sunbathing, showing off her entire body, leaving nothing to her imagination.

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