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Chiquis Rivera launched strong messages after criticism of Bárbara de Regil and Lola Cortés: “They keep peeling me”

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Chiquis Rivera presented a couple of songs from her new album. (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)

After it was revealed that Lolita Cortés allegedly made “bad faces” at him a Chiquis Rivera during his presentation at The Academy: 20 years and that Barbara de Regil criticized her for her bodythe band singer was not silent and from her social networks she sent some hints to her haters.

It was from your account Twitter, where Jenni Rivera’s daughter was sure of herself and, although she did not directly mention the famous, she did mention that she was not interested in the negative reviews against him.

“Today I decided that those who do not love me are still worth a mother. I love myself… and miss boss bees too, so BANANAS! They keep peeling me! #TryAgain #QueenBee”, wrote the interpreter of successes as Dance like this, you’re going to come back either White dove last August 4.

But the comments did not stop there, since last Friday, the artist came out again to defend herself and on this same platform she launched a forceful message.

“To all those who want to harm me in one way or another, EYE, because God takes great care of me. We homies, I don’t play when it comes to me. I’m one of His favorites of him! (We’re friends, he doesn’t play games when it comes to me. I’m one of his favorites!) #BeeAware #BeeCareful,” Chiquis wrote.

The singer defended herself against bad comments (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter Chiquis626)
The singer defended herself against bad comments (Photo: Screenshot/Twitter Chiquis626)

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them defended the singer’s position, as they assured that she was very talented and should not be intimidated by bad comments.

“That girls!, that you do not care about the criticism of those who do not love you, you shine in your own way, That’s why they itch so much. You are a chingona and a woman of example to follow, all your boss bees love you very much; we will always be for you”. “Generally, self-confident people arouse a lot of envy, keep doing your thing, woman,” were some of the mentions that filled the comment box.

Bárbara de Regil said that Chiquis's body was not her style (Photos: Cuartoscuro, Gettyimages)
Bárbara de Regil said that Chiquis’s body was not her style (Photos: Cuartoscuro, Gettyimages)

What did Bárbara de Regil say about Chiquis Rivera

It was during a meeting with the media broadcast by Venga la Alegría, where the fitness influencer mentioned that the curvaceous forms of Jenni Rivera’s daughter would not be something that she would imitate.

“It is not my body style, it is not a body that I would make or have, It makes me very sexual ”, Barbara began to say.

However, referring to Chiquis’s artistic talent, Bárbara de Regil said she was willing to work with her on a project that might be presented to them in the future.

“Of course I would like to, she is beautiful and very cute“, said.

What Chiquis responded to the “bad faces” of Lolita Cortés

Last week, Chiquis Rivera became the guest star at The Academy: 20 yearscausing mixed reactions in the public because despite having every intention of showing that he has the great talent that his mother inherited, Jenni Riverathere have been other reasons why his name is a trend in social networks.

And it is that, courteous lolita He did not show great interest in seeing her on stage to give a taste of her new album, a situation that did not go unnoticed by the fans of the singing contest, who informed Chiquis of the situation.

To this, the daughter of The Diva of the Band sent a message from his stories of Instagram to make clear where he stood on the situation.

Buenos diasgood morning- even if they make faces at you and you can see the bitterness, you be you, be happy! I know Nice -nice-! Let no one change your essence, #BeeYou -be yourself-”, he wrote.


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