Chiquis Rivera boasts a slim figure; Travel photo for a surgeon

The daughter of “Diva of the Band” shared with her followers how to lose weight, but a leaked photo indicated that she did not follow them.

Angel. – Chicos Rivera Placeholder Image She boasted her shapely waistline with a sensual dance on the social network, though her publication only drew criticism as she allegedly underwent surgery to shape her figure.

A home remedy or surgeon silhouette?

Posted by singer Video In which he is seen Hips moveIn fact, he indicated that ESimilar to Colombian singer Shakira.

Although at first His thinness caused a lot of uproar And the way to struggle, in a few hours this idea started emerging His new body comes from a Beauty operation.

Due to the large number of comments about how different her silhouette looks, Chikis stated that A domestic remedy reduced his shortcomings: Drink warm water with lemon every morning to burn calories and exercise.

“Look, that’s why my waist is reaching,” he said, assuring that he took nutritional supplements to lose weight.

Despite the “detailed” explanation the singer gave, the program “Suleta La Sopa” rejected it, as it was said that Chiquis had recently visited Plastic surgeon Víctor Gutiérrez, Who shared An image Next to the girl.

Although the photo does not reveal what the singer was doing in the office, fans reassured him The reduction in size was due to the work of a specialist.

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Chicks will increase his bust

Controversy after leaking Chick’s photo with a plastic surgeon The woman explained what she was doing to the specialist.

It was thus that through A. Video Shared on his instagram account, young Denied that liposuction was done, But be assured that breast implants will be placed.

“Right now they are saying that because they saw me in a picture with a doctor in Tijuana, they say I had surgery. I do not want to show off. For the people who see that picture with the doctor It wasn’t because he gave me the lip, no. Since I am going to get boobs. I removed the implants, now I’m going to bring them in, I’m going to fix my boobies a little Because I want to and this is my life, ”said Chikis Rivera’s daughter.

“I swear to you that I am eating well, I exercise a lot; 5 times a week and your lemonade and your vitamins […] That all helped me a lot and did well My waist This is because I worked to achieve this.

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