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Chiquis had surgery to lose weight?

  • How did Chiquis Rivera lose weight?
  • Did Chiquis diet?
  • Spectacular figure of Jenni Rivera’s daughter

Recently one of Jenni Rivera’s daughters has attracted more attention than ever, and it’s not about a fight with her uncles, a new romance or her hot photos on social networks, but because of the slim and spectacular figure she currently shows. But, did Chiquis undergo surgery to lose weight? Here we tell you.

Chiquis Rivera has distinguished herself by proudly wearing a curvaceous figure, her mother’s heritage and genetics, however her rapid and drastic weight change has drawn the attention of her hundreds of followers, questioning whether she underwent any surgery.

They doubt the new figure of Chiquis Rivera

They doubt the new figure of Chiquis Rivera

However, what is true is that Chiquis Rivera shared a process of changing habits, to lead a healthier life, as well as to work on the acceptance of the diverse and beautiful bodies that are regardless of their appearance.

According to Latin Moms, Chiquis has also been honest about the diets and tricks she does to lose weight and keep her waist, like drinking hot water with lemon, for example. However, something happened to her recently and speculation about it has already begun, as the singer’s figure has radically transformed and now she looks thinner than ever.

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