Home Entertainment Chino Miranda shares how COVID-19 is affecting his life

Chino Miranda shares how COVID-19 is affecting his life

Chino Miranda shares how COVID-19 is affecting his life

New York.—After suffering a serious case of COVID-19, Chino Miranda Recovery continues. However, he shared a video in which it is counted that, as a result of complicationsBecause of this disease, suffered from encephalitis.

Venezuelan singer 36 yearsNS contracted COVID-19 in late 2020 and it led to a paralysis u severe body pain. Another complication, according to itself, was encephalitis, a brain swelling what happened because of that Anxiety, depression, confusion, and speech disorders Which is clearly visible in the pictures.

Video on Wednesday. posted on the account of instagram The cast begins with Miranda and his wife, Natasha Erosso, Singing “Rare” from your Duo Chino and Nacho In the hospital bed where he looks very thin. Then Miranda appears in an interview she dated July 13 in which it seems that their weight is back, but continues with the neural sequence.

a legend says that It took him 5 hours of interview to clarify the message which he dedicates to his followers.

“He was difficult momentI was very depressed, I felt very sad… When I returned home I had to learn to take a bath, do everything all over again”.

The video arose out of the need for Miranda to tell her viewers about her physical and emotional health, asking the media and the public “Understanding and Support”.

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