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Children of Jenni Rivera tell the truth after closing the boutique; Did they end the legacy?

  • Jacquie Rivera and Johnny make a drastic decision
  • Will they definitely close the Jenni Rivera Fashion store?
  • Jenni’s fans disagree with her decision

Children Jenni Rivera boutique: A surprising news about Jenni Rivera’s legacy has just been released, and that is that the children of the Diva de la Banda announced an unexpected decision they made after realizing that things were no longer going as expected , for which his decision has given much to talk about.

Jenni Rivera left the legacy of several clothing boutiques, companies that her children take over. Jacquie Rivera and Johnny Cinco have decided to break the silence about the drastic decision they have just made regarding the legacy that her mother left behind. Are the companies closed?

They give Jenni’s children the reasons for their decision

Children Jenni Rivera boutique

Through an Instagram reel of the Jenni Rivera Fashion page, Jacquie and Johnny appeared giving explanations about the unexpected closing of Jenni’s store located in Huntington Park, and this is what they said about this decision that many people did not like it at all.

“We are here to give you an announcement, it is not easy to say, but we have reached a decision, it is time to close a chapter in the life of Jenni Rivera Fashion”, said Jacquie next to her brother. “We are going to close the store in Huntington Park for the reason that we have many plans to come, many dreams for Jenni Rivera Fashion,” Jacquie said on Instagram. Filed Under: Jenni Rivera boutique children

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