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Chef Mauricio Garcia shares Thanksgiving dinner recipes from Jacky Bracamontes

The chef Mauricio Garcia, who created the Thanksgiving food for Jacky Bracamontesher spouse Martin Fuentes and her daughters, talked to People today in spanish. The Venezuelan chef shares his suggestions so that the New Year’s Eve feasts are unforgettable. The owner of the enterprise catering @SobreLaMesaFl and the organization @TortaStoreByMg share solely the recipes for the dinner of thanksgiving of the Mexican actress and presenter.

What was it like operating with Jacky and his household?

For me, spouse and children generally arrives very first. Cooking with Jacky was an working experience that I like to notify, since the relatives environment, collaborative, enthusiastic and with all the desire to share was continually breathed. In addition, they are a attractive family that likes excellent food stuff.

What do you appreciate most about your occupation as a chef?

Food is not only about flavors, presentations and textures, but it is also a auto to convey emotions. Achieving an encounter the place the diner, many thanks to a flavor, remembers some minute in his life, without the need of a question, is a contribution to his joy and that is one particular of the factors that I value most in my job.

What ideas do you have for an unforgettable Thanksgiving feast?

Group is key in the preparing of each and every function, specifically in the kitchen area. A appropriate mise en position —or “get every thing completely ready”—will be the important to a brutal feast. Included to this, sharing responsibilities with the relatives will direct you to make it unforgettable. I would suggest planning the desk, putting the final touches on the foodstuff amongst all those who are likely to taste the dishes, and I think that averting telephones to celebrate as a loved ones is infallible tips.

What suggestions do you have for the Xmas Eve celebration?

Xmas Eve is a day wherever the full family gathers. The flavors on the table really should be familiar, geared up by family associates, or remind them of previous festivities. Use seasonal products and consider to make the preparations as these types of as basic as achievable, comfy flavors. It would also be ideal to accommodate new dishes, to give the palate a wider variety than just classic foods.

What Xmas dish should not be missing at parties this year?

Braised preparations these kinds of as pork and beef with wine-centered sauces are often best suited. In the exact way, roasted veggies and the blend of sweets with dairy merchandise (for instance, honey and cheese). There are quite a few Latin recipes that are disclosed, you have to look for just about every nationality that very best suits our traditions.

How can we specific enjoy through food stuff?

Love is one thing that is immersed in and is not different from food. At the moment of cooking —be it easy or a significant banquet— we are contributing all your energy and feelings in individuals dishes, consequently the best way to give like is simply cooking and executing it from the coronary heart. I guarantee you that it is extra scrumptious that way!

Right here are chef Mauricio García’s recipes for a thanksgiving beautiful.

Baked Turkey in Orange and Honey Sauce


1 entire 9 pound turkey

3 total onions

10 cloves of garlic

Orange juice -1 liter

Honey -125ml

White wine 2 cups -500 ml approx

Butter 1 bar -250 grams

Olive oil -75 ml

salt + pepper


1. Preheat oven to 150 levels F (or 302 degrees C). 2. Clean up the turkey and be part of the two thighs with a kitchen area wick. 3. In a saucepan position the onion in pieces and the garlic. And on this the turkey. 4. The relaxation of the elements spot them on the turkey. 5. Choose to the oven and cook dinner in accordance to the weight of the turkey (40 minutes per pound). 6. Every single hour bathe the turkey with the cooking liquid. 7. The moment the time has handed, gather the veggies and the juice acquired and mix. Move the combination by means of a strainer and bring it back again to the warmth. Rectify taste, enable thicken.

Suggestion: “Manage the turkey carefully so the pores and skin does not tear…”

Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Garlic


Potatoes 600g

butter 120 g

milk 125ml

roasted garlic

salt + pepper


1. In a pot, position the peeled and chopped potatoes with loads of h2o. 2. Let cook dinner right up until they soften. 3. As soon as prepared, mash with the mash and incorporate the butter and milk. 4. If it is essential to add liquid, use the drinking water from the cooking of the potatoes. 5. Splash. 6. Present with melted butter, toasted garlic and parsley.

recommendations: “Constantly put together the puree very hot to attain smoothness…”

BEANS and broccoli with cranberry and caramelized pistachio


Vanita 240 g

Broccoli 1240g

Olive oil

salt + pepper


1. In a pan, sauté all the veggies with olive oil, year with salt and pepper. 2. Spot the veggies in the dish and on top of these the cranberry and pistachio.

Idea: “Veggies really should often be remaining al dente…”

Refreshing SALAD OF Pumpkin and Roasted Lemon Vinaigrette

Components for salad

Pre-cooked pumpkin 200 g

Infant arugula 120 g (for every person)

Granulated feta cheese 100 g


Substances for the vinaigrette

Roasted lemon juice 50 ml

Olive oil 100ml

dijon mustard


salt + pepper


1. in a bowl top rated with dijon mustard, grilled lemon juice, salt and pepper. 2. With a whisk, combine the substances and insert the olive oil in the sort of a thread, minor by minor right until emulsified.


1. Slice the pumpkin into cubes and cook dinner it in warm water till al dente. Withdraw. 2. in a bowl area the arugula, the vinaigrette, the cashews, the feta cheese and lastly the pumpkin and blend.

Idea: “When you mix, provide appropriate away to stop it from wilting…”

Reference from peopleenespanol.com

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