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“Chavela Vargas ended her life as a reference for young people,” said Eugenia León

Ten years after the death of Chavela Vargasyour song will revive in the City Theatre with the tribute they prepare Ofelia Medina, Eugenia Leon, Ely Guerra, Ximena Sariñana Y Marisoulnext to Mariachi Range Mil Y The Macorinosto honor the memory of the performer who, despite time, remains in force as a symbol of freedom and struggle.

“It is a musical show, but Chavela will appear talking about her, freedom and music, that character is played by Ofelia Medina. Ely Guerra, Ximena Sariñana, La Marisoul and myself are in the musical part and I love that this cast of young singers join in, because they show their audience Chavela’s work,” she said. Eugenia Leon a MILLENNIUM.

Chavela left on August 5, 2012, but the image of that indomitable bohemia lingers in the distance, she described herself as a soul thirsty for the moon, thirsty for the night, thirsty for dreams, “Chavela is the other side of the moon, she sings to us that other side, she cries with us and accompanies us, how not to be in love with Chavela and her workLeon added.

And just as he gave us songs, he also gave us unique phrases, “he spoke of freedom, and freedom is paid for with loneliness, everything has a cost, being free does, but not being free also has a cost; a young man who is not revolutionary and free is not young, and that is Chavela, she ended her life as a reference for young people, “explained Eugenia.

The call “lady in the red poncho”due to the characteristic clothing that was far from the typical dresses used by the performers of ranchera music at that time, he made popular songs his own, such as “La Llorona”, “Paloma negra”, “Macorina”, “Back, back” either “You failed heart”mimas that will be part of the tribute to Chavela and her women.

Her rebelliousness drove her to achieve goals and her talent put her close to other artists of the time such as José Alfredo Jiménez; She became friends with Federico García Lorca, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Neruda and Carlos Monsivais. She also participated in films with Elizabeth Taylor, and was directed by filmmakers like Pedro Almodóvar.

“She entered a very complicated moment in life in Mexico, being a lesbian, being a woman who was not born in Mexico, managed to impose herself with a wardrobe that had nothing to do with the other singers full of bows, ruffles and mariachis, she alone before her microphone with two guitars, that was not easy for a woman of that time”, León explained.

For all her achievements, but above all for her personal emancipation, Chavela is considered a standard bearer for women and the LGBT community: “I think that her struggle, like that of other women like Frida Kahlo, is still current and poignant; women today have perhaps the same challenges within the patriarchy, but wrapped up differently,” she commented.

“Chavela’s fight for freedom is an inspiration, and although she is no longer present, here we are honoring life. The sad thing is that, while there are more achievements in the emancipation of women, the responses are brutal with so many femicides, but having the presence of emancipated women motivates us,” added León, about Vargas’ social legacy.

“The tribute to Chavela and her women” It has been held for several years, with a different vocal cast, León has been part of the event since its creation, but this year the voices of young women are added that will allow their audiences to know the work of Vargas. Although they seem like topics from the past, there is nothing more current to talk about love and heartbreak.

“It is not that we imitate Chavela, she had a unique way of singing, she performed more than she sang, the essential is not the form, the truth of a song is there like the essential things of nature. I think that if this tribute to honor her continues over the years with new voices, the figure of Chavela will remain in force, ”she explained regarding the tribute to be held on September 29 and 30.

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