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Charly López says he feels betrayed by Ingrid Coronado’s lawsuit against him

Ingrid Coronado continues to give what to talk about after the death of her ex-husband Fernando del Solar, whom she apparently sued shortly before she died. But it is not all, since the driver maintains a legal battle against her first husband, Charly López, from whom he asks for the payment of rent and half of the house in which they lived when they were together.

In an interview with various media, which was taken up by the sun rises, Charlie Lopez said that He went to the authorities to give his statement.

“The process that I have with Mrs. Ingrid is long, but I had to go make my statement and everything went very well. They were my witnesses, they were hers and I think she went a week or two ago and today it was my turn to go and narrate the facts.”

When questioned about how he felt about receiving the lawsuit from his ex-wife, the driver mentioned that he was disappointed and the mother of his son was not expected to go to court to fix the problem they have with the house.

“(I am) Disappointed or betrayed by the mother of your child, you can expect it from anyone, but never from a person who is your mother’s mother. I would be capable of hurting her or anyone else, but when she hits you she says: ‘Ah dear. I did not expect'”.

The former member of Garibaldi said that he believes that Ingrid Coronado She is wrong for suing him, but she assured that she will come out of the case triumphant.

“As I know that I am right, I am totally calm because I have the elements, because I believe that people have the right to be wrong, everyone has the right to be wrong or we have been poorly advised and I think that Mrs. Ingrid was wrong. I have no issue with her, she did it and her lawyers are seeing it and at some point I went out to say: ‘Here is the document’. I don’t want her money, she is the mother of my child, I don’t want to hurt her”.


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