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Charles Ans: from Sonora to the Metropolitan Theater; “It is a dream come true”

Climbing step by step, walking step by step, stepping strong and safe. A) Yes, Charles Ans has become one of the most important Mexican rappers today and not only his music confirms it, his audience has been his faithful companion for all these years.

A raspy voice that penetrates the hardest soul, a lyric that softens the strongest. The native of Sonora is about to fulfill a dream more from his list: stepping and doing magic in the Metropolitan Theater of Mexico City.

LNG SHT: musical maturity, new album and overflowing creativity

It will be the next Tuesday, September 6 and Thursday, September 8, when Carlos will meet again with his Chilango audience in a couple of nights full of surprises and a vibe that can be felt in the environment at all times.

“It is a dream come true. Being at the Metropolitan Theater is a reminder of what we can achieve; one who comes from the neighborhood to be playing in a theater is something very crazy and to give a great show to each one who has accompanied us throughout all these years, is our great goal”, said Charles for MILLENNIUM.

A path of wins and losses

It has been an up and down journey for Charles and he is aware of that. For this reason, “the skinny” values ​​the public much more than him. That audience capable of filling from a Lunario to a stage at the largest festival in the country.

“I know that sometimes we mess up, but people have always been with us, they accompany us wherever they are. That is why these concerts will be very special, there will be surprises, lights, confetti, it will be a thank you party for always giving us your support with each song we release.“, advancement.

New music, same identity

without getting stuck, Charles Ans hasn’t stopped releasing new music. Your most recent topic the one that left It has registered a great acceptance on the part of its public, but more and more people are getting on board with Charles Skinny.

In his songs touching on themes such as love, depression, family, old customs and childhood, Ans has been able to connect with an audience of all ages. From those first albums in which everything began as a dream, today he can say that he remains on the same path, but already with the H on the map.

Charles tells his greatest dream, the one that would be born the night he stepped on the Lunario. “Since I performed, I dream of playing and performing at the National Auditorium and singing before a full house, I see myself there.” He finished.


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