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Chamonic is threatened not to publish a movie wherever Canelo runs Eduin Caz from his celebration and other movies are leaked

  • Did El Canelo threaten a journalist?
  • They guarantee that Saúl ran Grupo Firme from his daughter’s party
  • What took place at the quinceañera?

Fantastic morning, after the great 15-yr get together of Emily Álvarez, the daughter of the Mexican boxer Saúl el canelo Álvarez, the amusement news outlet recognised as Chamonic experienced supplied an distinctive on how the wonderful celebration experienced been.

The journalist certain that the canelo, by now acquiring a few eyeglasses much too lots of, ran to the organization team team, who were in demand of encouraging the attendees, due to the fact they had produced him indignant. The material creator mentioned that she could not share the video of this second due to the fact she experienced been threatened.

Journalist receives danger

Journalist receives threat

The influencer Chamonic certain the radio software “La mejor FM”, that Canelo Álvarez would have run from his daughter Emily Cinnamon’s XV birthday social gathering to the renowned Mexican regional team, Grupo Firme. What brought on a wonderful “discord” in social networks.

Chamonic declared that he would publish the alleged online video of the fight among Canelo and Eduin Caz on his Instagram account, after hundreds of World wide web end users demanded that he publish the clip. The influencer revealed a collection of stories in which she explained that she would not publish it since she would have been threatened not to upload the material. Submitted FROM: Chamonic is threatened by Canelo

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