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Monday, September 26, 2022

Chabelo “reappears” on social networks and sends congratulations to Jorge Muñiz for his birthday

Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ is a trend on social networks because a video of ‘The friend of all children’ was shared on Twitter sending congratulations to Jorge Coque Muñiz for completing another year of life. Seeing the actor and television host again surprised thousands of Internet users.

‘Chabelo’ retired from television in 2016 when his legendary show In family with Chabelo came to an end after almost 50 years to be broadcast uninterrupted every week. Since then, there have been few times that the actor appears in front of the cameras and social networks.

Unfortunately for all Xavier López fans, This video was recorded a couple of years ago, as Jorge Coque Muñiz clarified, with whom he shared a camera on more than one occasion. The humorist’s intention is to remember the “wonderful words he received.”

“THERE ARE MANY GOOD THINGS IN OUR WORK, BUT SOME ARE EXCEEDING WHAT YOU DREAM OF! Sharing, greeting, living with your idol is a real treasure! LOOK WHAT A BIRTHDAY GIFT I received a couple of years ago! I gladly share it! WONDERFUL CHARACTER!”, Jorge Muñiz wrote on his Twitter account.

At the moment the few interactions that Chabelo has had through social networks have been updates on his health status, at the end of May he denied being evicted due to cancer but he did so through a statement.


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