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Cesia does not fear the ‘curse’ of the Academy: “A place does not define anything”

Cesia released “Me rehúso”, an original song by Danny Ocean. (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv – TVAzteca)

Since the thirteenth generation of The academy Cesia, Andrés and Mar have given something to talk about the release of their new singles and their coexistence with their fans. Among them stands out the Honduran, who in the last hours was involved in the controversy because supposedly Myriam Montemayor -godmother of her generation and first winner of the reality show- deleted it and blocked it on social networks. But that’s not all, too assured that he is not afraid of the “curse” of the program.

It was during an interview that the first three places of The Academy 20 years yielded to Pedro Prieto where the young performer was questioned about the possibility that her career as a soloist did not stand out and her fame was momentary, as has happened with most of the winners of the program, since only Charles Rivera -winner of the third generation- managed to establish itself internationally.

Everyone says that whoever wins these programs does not do well” the driver began, but Cesia quickly interrupted him to defend his talent, since he considers that the supposed curse of The academy it is: “An idea so out of place that for me it is not like that because it depends on the person”.

In this way, the Honduran hinted that she is not afraid to join other reality show winners who have faced many difficulties in finding a space in the artistic medium and is not afraid of what they will say, because at the moment she is focused on working very hard. in their musical productions to begin to position themselves among the music popularity charts.

The singer is 23 years old.  (Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)
The singer is 23 years old. (Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)

That depends on the person, on the desire they have to achieve success, on the discipline, on the love of art. I think everything is in the head, a place does not define anything. Because obviously if the person comes and says ‘I’ve already won, I’m not going to make the effort anymore because I’m the winner of The Academy’, I mean, not that, you go out to work… if you win there’s even more responsibility because you have to show.

He also acknowledged that Carlos Rivera is the most famous former academic to date, a place he hopes to achieve very soon. Mar agreed with her and explained that everything depends on the efforts of the artists, because many concepts that are famous today have come out of reality shows and have succeeded regardless of whether they won or not.

(Instagram photo: @myriammontecruz, @erikaalcocerl, @erasmooficial, @_carlosrivera)
(Instagram photo: @myriammontecruz, @erikaalcocerl, @erasmooficial, @_carlosrivera)

I wouldn’t say maybe because then we don’t hear that a winner is the figure of the moment, worldwide, it means that he is really doing badly […] This art thing is very beautiful and how the music industry is made up because there are many paths”, added Andrés.

The rumors about the supposed curse of the winners of The academy began to circulate on social networks for a long time, this is because the former academics that most of the former academics who got the first place are not as famous as expected despite the fact that they continue to offer concerts in different types of events.

Myriam Montemayor, Erika Alcocer, Erasmo Catarino, Samuel Castelli, María Fernanda, Giovanna Paz, Esmeralda Ugalde, Erick Sandoval, Alexis Montoya, Paola Chuc and Dalú continue to work in the industry, but they have not achieved the level of success that they expressed at the time. .

Cesia responded to Myriam Montemayor after she allegedly deleted her from social networks

It was during a live where Cesia imitated whoever her godmother was in The Academy 20 yearsa situation that would have caused her annoyance to the point of deleting her and blocking her from social networks.

“I had not noticed that the godmother really stopped following me, but I don’t think he was angry for something like that because it was not with bad intention (…) I didn’t do anything to MyriamI was singing, and if he got angry about something childish, then everyone take things as you want, I did not do it with bad intentions, I did not even know, “he said.


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