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Cesia became the first Honduran to win The Academy

Cesia was crowned the winner of The Academy 20 years, after a concert applauded by all those present (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)

The 20-year Academy came to an end with a couple of concerts full of emotion, special guests and great performances by the students.

The highlight of the big night was, without a doubt, the announcement of Cesia as winnerwho managed to conquer the public with his charisma, dedication and artistic potential.

The also known as The lioness of Honduras raised the name of his country, because it became the first singer from that nation to obtain the maximum victory in the acclaimed Tv Azteca contest.

Cesia left everyone with goosebumps after performing "Por amor".  (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)
Cesia left everyone with goosebumps after performing “Por amor”. (Photo: Twitter/@LaAcademiaTV)

And it is that his final interpretation of For loveby Marco Antonio Munizwas the sample of all the growth obtained throughout the project.

The Honduran stood up the critics

At the end of your presentation, the entire judging panel gave him a standing ovation in reflection of his great admiration and delight.

Lola Cortes, one of the harshest critics of the project, expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the Honduran who, he assured, “only knows how to do things in a big way.” Furthermore, she claimed that cesia is “the voice made woman”.

Ana Barbara, The Grupper QueenShe was overcome with emotions and couldn’t hold back her tears as she commented on Cesia’s performance. “It moved me because if someone on stage makes you feel butterflies in the soulin the body, and you vibrate at that frequency, the rest is the least of it, ”said the critic.

Cesia stole everyone
Cesia stole everyone’s heart, like when she performed the song “Lie to me” by the Argentines María Becerra and Tini Stoessel (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv – TVAzteca)

For his part, Horacio Villalobos suggested to Cesia that, whatever the result, she should not give up singing. “Your career is this. always do it with love and try to connect” was the message shared by the Mexican actor and presenter.

Arturo Lopez Gavito, the iron judgeassured that this was the best night of the Honduran artist and thanked her for offering a new version of the classic piece of music.

The public decided with billions of votes

Officially, the vote count ended at 11:15 p.m. In fifth place Rubí was positioned, one of the students who caused the most controversy, but who was repeatedly recognized for her perseverance, poise and effort. Potosina gathered a total of 249 million votes.

In fourth place was Nelson, the Guatemalan singer who wowed judges and viewers with his attitude and talent. His participation in the grand finale earned him 1.60 million votes.

The 5 finalists of The Academy 20 years: Nelson, Rubí Mar, Cesia, Andrés (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)
The 5 finalists of The Academy 20 years: Nelson, Rubí Mar, Cesia, Andrés (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv)

Sea, the Ecuadorian singer who surprised the judges with her impeccable voice on multiple occasions, took third place, with more than 1.2 billion votes. Thanks to this, she was awarded a contract with Sony Music for 2 singles, as well as 30 thousand pesos in cash.

the Sonoran Andres won second place, after a couple of performances full of praise from critics. In addition, the passage of him by the reality show gave him the opportunity to be one of the new vocalists of Grupo Cañaveral.

Cesia, with more than 1.265 million votesbecame the first Honduran to win The Academy.

“Thanks for everything, This is an experience that I will carry forever in my heart.”, commented The lioness of Honduras moments before the final result of the vote was announced.

Cesia captivated the public and the critics for her great charisma, growth and talent on stage.  (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv - TVAzteca)
Cesia captivated the public and the critics for her great charisma, growth and talent on stage. (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv – TVAzteca)

The president of Honduras congratulated the academic

In addition to the echo caused by Cesia’s victory in Mexico, her native country raised its voice to show his joy at the win.

The celebration even reached the political sphere, as Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, president of Honduras, shared a message on her social networks to recognize and celebrate the young artist.

“Cesia, in your voice the heart of all the people sang. Today Honduras celebrates! Honduran women making history”, pointed out the president.


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