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Cesia apologized to Myriam Montemayor for imitating her way of singing

Cesia shared that she had already spoken to Myriam about her alleged mockery of how she sings and apologized for it (Photos: Instagram @cesia_saenzoficial// @myriammontecruz_)

After cesia imitated Myriam Montemayor singing As the flower of Selena, the winner of The Academy 20 years he apologized to his godmotheras shared through their social networks.

A few days ago a video went viral in which Cesia imitated to Myriam during a live broadcast she did with Nelson Y Ruby. Although the singers said that the way their godmother had modified the song As the flower It was something “iconic”, some Internet users accused them of making fun of Montemayor.

From then on it transpired that the first winner of The academy He would have stopped following Cesia, Rubí and Nelson on social networks, some even pointed out that he might also have blocked them.

Since she won "The Academy 20 years" this has been Cesia
Since she won “The Academy 20 years” this has been Cesia’s first controversy (Photo: Instagram / @laacademiatv – TVAzteca)

After different reactions from those involved in this controversy, Myriam clarified that she did not follow her godchildren on social networks because they did not have access to them, so she never allowed them to be followed and did not block them either.

That is why Cesia shared through her Twitter account that He already spoke with Montemayor and clarified everything that happened, apologizing for having imitated her and asking her to make their interpretations of As the flower something viral.

I already wrote to the godmother and asked for forgivenessI thought she was going to find it funny too haha ​​I already told her to join us too that our fandom joins the iconic one *like the flower* it is not in mockery towards her, I already told her what to do a viral meme @MyriamMonteCruz ”, reads her message.

Cesia’s fans applauded her actions in the face of this controversy, as they pointed out that, although she did not seek to offend Myriam with her imitation, she would have done her best by apologizing and speaking directly with the singer.

“Your fans will always be on your side, we are all human and we don’t know how other people will take it”, “Not everyone understands brilliant minds”, “Don’t change because your personality was what made us love you” , were some of the reactions to the Honduran tweet.

What happened between Cesia and Myriam Montemayor

A few days ago, while Cesia, Rubí and Nelson were broadcasting live, the winner of the most recent generation of The academy start to sing As the flower of Selena Quintanilla, but in the style of Myriam, which for 20 years has been a source of ridicule.

And it is that since Montemayor sings the song between sighs and whispers, it has caused mixed reactions among the reality audience, including among his former generation companions.

While Cesia sang, Myriam entered the broadcast, but did not comment or respond to the greetings that her godchildren were sending her, from that moment it transpired that she would have been upset by the way the Honduran was imitating her.

Some Internet users pointed out that this is not the first time that Myriam would have been upset with a colleague because they imitate her, since recently Estrella Veloz also had to apologize (Instagram photo: @myriammontecruz)
Some Internet users pointed out that this is not the first time that Myriam would have been upset with a colleague because they imitate her, since recently Estrella Veloz also had to apologize (Instagram photo: @myriammontecruz)

After it emerged that Montemayor would have stopped following the young people, Cesia commented on another live broadcast that she regretted her godmother’s reaction, since her intention was not to bother or offend her. “I didn’t do anything to MyriamI was singing, and if he got angry about something childish, then everyone take things as you want, I did not do it with bad intentions, I did not even know, “said the singer.

It was then that the winner of the first generation revealed that she did not allow her godchildren to be followed on social networks, because before they did not do so since they did not have access to them. “The truth is that I didn’t follow thembecause they didn’t have access to their networks, so don’t take it for granted, don’t believe everything they say”, Montemayor wrote on Twitter.


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