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César Bono, angry with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for speaking ill of his children: “Disgusting”

After Gustavo Adolfo Infante spoke ill of the children of Cesar Bono, This week the actor lashed out at the entertainment journalist during a meeting with several reporters.

First, the comedian also commented: “I have helped my children since they were born because I feel like it; I have bought each one a roof because that is how I think and that is how my father thought, may he rest in peace”.

You remember? This was the time César Bono pretended to have a heart attack on television

Then, he launched himself against the owner of the program First hand: “The idiot Gustavo Adolfo Infante, if he uses his money to buy a big house, let him do it, I work to buy many houses for my children, not a big one for me.”

“I tell you without mincing words: Gustavo Adolfo Infante, whom I have known since he was Pati Chapoy’s kid, who by the way is very ungrateful because he has spoken ill of her, he is an idiot”, he added.

He also recalled that on one occasion Infante left him with a bill in a restaurant: “Once I got to a place and he told me ‘Sit down with me César’, he was with his wife and I with mine, and he got up and left me his bill, his bottle of whiskey. How? because it’s gross”.

And he says that my children are exploiters because he is a disgusting“, he pointed.

Bono also said that Gustavo “has to kneel every time he talks about Pati Chapoy; Gustavo Adolfo would never be on television if it had not been for Mrs. Pati Chapoy, who speaks ill of her speaks of how disgusting she is.

When asked if he would sign a petition to remove the driver from television, César replied: “From the country! He is a filthy ungrateful. There is a very old saying that says: ‘To be ungrateful is to be unlucky’ and I do believe in that saying, and Gustavo Adolfo is ungrateful and unlucky, and if you can get him off TV, get him out”.

Gustavo Adolfo reacted to these statements on his YouTube program: “I have known him for 38 years and there was a cordial relationship, but it was a conference or something and Suddenly he totally threw himself against me, he threw himself for 10 minutes insulting me“.

“This was because when he had a heart attack, they asked him why he didn’t take a sabbatical and he said: ‘Not because I have to support my children.’ So the children, one 34 and the other 37, that they start working, they are old enough, that they support their father, That was it,” he explained.

“Then he separates from Patricia, his ex-wife, and she comes to the program and says that it was impossible to live with him because he assaulted her, that one day he wanted to hit her with the cane, then César got angry. But I had forgotten “, he added.


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