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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Censorship! ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ banned in Arab countries for having gay characters

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Several Arab countries have banned this week the projection in cinemas of the fourth installment of the “Thor” saga, due to the presence of homosexual characters in the film.

Under the title “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the Marvel blockbuster triumphed at the US box office, but, like other recent US hits, it has caused unrest and even censorship in some countries due to LGBT references.

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The film contains more or less explicit allusions to homosexuality. “Valkyrie”, the character played by Tessa Thompson clearly manifests feelings for another woman.

In Bahrain, the Ministry of Information “decided to stop the screening of a film broadcast in cinemas to preserve the virtuous values ​​of society,” according to a statement published late Thursday.

He did not specify the title of the film in question, but the release of “Thor” was effectively interrupted. Kuwait also banned it, according to local press.

In Egypt, the state press itself had promoted the film earlier in the month. But a day after its release, it was officially banned due to the presence of gay characters.

Instead, “Thor” is still being screened in the United Arab Emirates, a conservative Gulf country that had previously banned Pixar’s animated film “Buzz the Lightning,” which contains a kiss scene between two women.

Gender issues and sexual freedoms remain taboos in many Arab countries, including the Gulf monarchies.


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