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Celia Lora and Yanet García are the Mexicans with the most money earned on OnlyFans, they reveal how much they earn

  • Who earns more money on OnlyFans in Mexico?
  • Celia Lora is consecrated as the ones that generate the most income
  • Yanet Garcia and Karely are in the Top 3

Celia Lora OnlyFans. Today, social networks have become an essential tool in the life of each person, there can hardly be someone who does not use networks in their daily lives. Many even take the opportunity to generate income by creating accounts exclusively for true fans.

One of the most used applications today is OnlyFans, where celebrities take the opportunity to share exclusive content only for users who pay a monthly fee. There you can see intimate photographs of celebrities, however, who is the celebrity that earns the most money in Mexico due to that platform?

Is Celia Lora the one who earns the most in OnlyFans?

Is Celia Lora the one who earns the most in OnlyFans?

It was through a study carried out by El Siglo de Torreón where it was revealed who is the influencer who earns the most money thanks to the OnlyFans platform. Coming in first place is the attractive celebrity Celia Lora, who is known as the daughter of the singer of El Tri, Alex Lora, according to The universal .

It is worth mentioning that currently, the controversial actress and model is dedicated to making content (photos, videos and live broadcasts) on the OnlyFans platform. So she has her followers amazed because of her content that raises the temperature on social networks.

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