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Celia Cruz and Pedro Knight: this is how the love story of celebrities that lasted 40 years arose

If we talk about Celia Cruz His colorful costumes, wigs and his phrase: “sugar” immediately come to mind. but perhaps something that many do not know is that he lived a great love story with a man he met when he joined the Sonora Matancera. Pedro Knight was the great love of the singer and they were together for more than 50 years.

Pedro Knight was a friend, husband and great confidant of Celia Cruz, He was also in the happy moments, as well as sad Salsa Queen. We tell you how they met and how their love story arose.

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How did Celia Cruz and her husband meet?

Celia Cruz began her career at a very young age in her native Cuba and her talent led her to join La Sonora Matancera, one of the most important orchestras in that country. In 1950, after joining the group, Celia Cruz met Pedro Knight, who was the second trumpeter of the sound.

At first, everything between them was just a nice friendship, but as time passed, love arose between them. In an interview, Celia Cruz recalled that her husband initially conquered her for his charisma, plus they both talked a lot.

“Pedro doesn’t talk much, he talked a lot when I was falling in love, two hours on the phone Pedro in love”.

The famous also recalled that Pedro was a man who was surrounded by some women, but she managed to win him over.

“I rarely tell this gossip, but when Pedro was throwing me the hook he was playing with the Sonora Matancera and then he worked at SDQ and when they finished, they had a very nice limousine, he sat there on his trumpet and a lot of people came. Girls, do not believe that Pedro was soft and short of salt, what happens is that I until I kept him.

It was on July 14, 1962 when the couple married in Connecticut, United States, this because in 1960 they had to leave Cuba by Fidel Castro’s revolution that prevented them from continuing to work within their country native.

Four years after their wedding and due to the problems that Sonora Matancera was going through, Pedro and Celia decide to leave the group and that is how the singer started as a soloist and her husband became her representative.

Pedro Knight supported his wife at all times and she managed to become one of the most important salsa singers. In the same interview where Celia Cruz told how her husband conquered herPedro pointed out that his wife had a great talent and that he only supported her and the work to get where she had gotten had been Celia’s.

“She handles stardom very well, I tell her that she doesn’t need me. I have helped her in part, but that is something that nature gave her, I have not done anything”.

The couple during their marriage tried to have children, unfortunately they did not succeed, but that It was not an impediment for both to continue demonstrating his love.

The death of the famous

For more than 40 years they were together until the July 16, 2003 Celia Cruz died as a result of a brain tumor who was diagnosed a year earlier. For his part, Pedro Knight resented the death of his wife and on February 3, 2007 he died in Los Angeles.

The mortal remains of Pedro and Celia rest at Woodlawn Cemetery in New York, where there is a mausoleum built for them.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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